Monday, July 18, 2011

The big news.....

I havn't been posting lately because the past month i have been sooo busy!
One of the reasons is because my husband and i moved states to Perth, Western Australia!!!
Back to the West Coast with the beautiful beaches, sunny weather and laid-back lifestyle!
We moved on July 1st, and the weeks leading up to it were spent packing up our house, making moving plans and saying goodbye to friends and family in sydney.....we were busy, busy, busy!
now we have been in Perth for 2 weeks and slowly starting to settle in.....
there will be LOTS of posts to come, about our new life here in Perth, work, where we will be living....and of course makeup!
Lots of photos to come too!
hope everyone reading this is happy and healthy and loving life!
Love always,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sandra and Sam's wedding....another Italian wedding :)

On Saturday 4th June we had another family members wedding to attend! It was a large Italian wedding! Lots of fun and LOTS of eating and dancing!!!
I loved every minute!
It was the wedding of my husband's cousin (Sandra) to her Italian fiance (Salvatore....or Sam as we call him)
It was such a beautiful day, the ceremony was held at a Catholic church here in Leichardt (Sydney), and the reception was held at the gorgeous Dalton House in the city...with beautiful views of the city and the Harbour Bridge!
the first 4 photos were taken by Daniel (he is married to my husbands cousin) and the rest of the photos were taken from our camera!
My husband Emmanuel and I
Me taking a photo :)
my hair!
in the church during the ceremony

Sandra and her father, John
the happy couple
me and one of the cousins boyfriends...Moses
Emmanuel and his beautiful aunty Josette
Emmanuel and Sandra
Jeremy (a cousin), me, Daniel and Isabel (Isabel is also a cousin of my husband)
Sandra's family
the 2 guys are the brothers of the bride and thats their girlfriends!
Loved the cars
the gorgeous Natalie and Moses (Natalie is Emmanuel's cousin)
Rita (married to one of Emmanuel's cousins)
Daniel, Chad and Moses :)
the city
us ladies
Nick (another cousin) and his wife Connie
Aaron (another cousin-hahaha...there is lots) and his girlfriend Sabrina
the boys
having fun at the reception
It really was a beautiful wedding....and the reception was much food, it just kept coming and coming...we were so full in the end!!!
Happy wishes to the beautiful couple who are in Europe on their honeymoon!
Love always

Hairspray the Musical

Recently at our M.A.C counter, we had the privelage of having some of the cast from Hairspray the musical come for an event where they were dressed in costume, played with some of our makeup and had photos with was a lot of fun!
so because the musical has a 60's theme to it, we decided that on counter we would do a 60's makeup look and have our hair all done!
Here are some of us M.A.C crew! I'm on the left with the really high hair!!
as you know i have an undercut hairstyle, so the left hand side is all shaved. It's a little hard to have a 60's stlye with one side of your head shaved :)
so i opted for really high hair!! hahaha, it was lots of fun!
the pics below are of different angles of my hair! I actually really like the style and will probably wear to again for work, just maybe not so high :)
hope you enjoy
Love HollieDee

If you are a lover of makeup....look on......

now i just want to make it clear that 1) i didnt do the makeup in any of these photos, nor did i take the pictures :)
i just LOVE them....seriously love different makeup looks, it is so inspiring!!
Just beautiful!
Hope you enjoyed them and can also draw inspiration from these looks
Love HollieDee