Sunday, February 28, 2010

God is the biggest Love of my here are some pics of my church :)

I currently go to HILLSONG church in Sydney, a very large christian church. You can visit their website on

I really love going there and wanted to share some photos with you so you can sorta see what its like!!

these pictures are from church this morning (28th Feb 2010), some mite not be so clear because of the lighting in the room

so thats me posing in front of one of the hillsong buses :) these are courtesy buses that pick people up from different suburbs and takes them to church and back for FREE....gotta love that :)

More of the bus :)

a very small section of the front of the building....Picture really doesnt do it justice!
on the top it says-Jesus, hope for humanity!

This is the back half of the the shadows at the top is more rows of seats but its too dark to see.....basically at the left of the screen is where the stage would be, then stacks of chairs in the middle...then this is where this pic picks up the rest of the room :)

front section, including stage...i was waaaaaaaaay up the back :)

It was so cute, this morning we had baby dedications, where we pray for lil we had a line of parents with their little ones and the whole church prayed for them...i got real clucky :) hahaha

and last one........

last pic of the church.......think you got the idea

so yeah, there are just a few pics of my church so that my family and friends can now picture where i am when i go to church every sunday :)

Now, something different.........last nite I went out to dinner in an Italian area near the city, the area is called Leichardt. It is a beautiful area full of cafe's and restuarants, a lot of them are obviously Italian style but there are the random restuarants like Japanese, Asian etc....

anyways last night Emmanuel and I went out with an Italian friend (Alessandro) for dinner and camera was playing up a bit with the flash and because it was dark, pictures of buildings etc just wouldnt come out......but here is a few

Alessandro and me :)

Emmanuel and me

The restaurant we ate at!!

My gorgeous hubby Emmanuel

area called THE FORUM....its where the restaurants are....well a couple, plus there are apartments above with cute little balcony's...would be such a nice place to live, like a little Italy :)

After dinner

this was the bar in the restaurant....i thought it looked pretty :) well as pretty as a bar can be!!!!

the date yesterday was 27th Feb.......and seeings we got married on the 27th July 2008.....every '27th' of every month he has bought me something small as an anniversary sweet and romantic and very thoughful :) i do the same thing, but i have to be honest i have 4gotten so many times, but he always remembers!!!

this is what he got for me....he brought it home from work.....the sweetheart....the flowers were chocolate!!

5 MINS LATER!!!!.......................................


hahahahaahahahaha, so so yummy!!!

Ahhhhh, anyways i shall be off...............

hope your having a great day


Saturday, February 27, 2010



Im a makeup artist, so yes makeup would be one of my loves!!! I love colour and love all the amazing things you can create using makeup!!

I dont beleive in being dependant on it though, ie-where you wont even go to the clothesline without foundation and mascara on in fear one of your neighbours will see the real you :)

It should Never be like that!! Im a real woman with real flaws and i understand the power makeup can give you, it is like an instant confidence booster.....but.....


Show off what you love, and hide what you dont!!! dont hide your entire face!!!!

Anyways enough preaching :)

in the following pictures I am showing you my version of a 'Ruby Rose' makeup photo.....

She is a real Australian stunner, and i love the looks she wears, she has a tough chick image, but still brings the feminine side.....and her skin looks can tell this woman drinks water :)

here she is...
probably not the clearest of pictures, cause i took the photo off a magazine the actual picture her lips are way more a bright pink!!

So here is my cant see my eyes so well because of the flash etc, plus i have real deep set eyes!!! and NO im not saying i look anything like her....just having some fun!!

but here I am in my version of Ruby Rose!!

Enjoy :)

So there you go....bit of 'RUBY' fun for the day
Love Hollie

Yep thts me on my wedding day
July 27th 2008
one of the best days of my life!! but also the hardest....not only did i get married to the best man ever/my best friend...Emmanuel....but i also moved states and had to say goodbye to all my family and friends the day of my wedding......many tears were

All excited and nervous....just before i walked down the aisle with my bridesmaids, flower girl, paige boys and my Dad

My sis in-law, Kelly helping me get ready!! she was my maid of honour!!

The new Mr and Mrs D :)

My girlies :) love them all in their own individual/unique way....all friends bring something different to your life.....hope i do the same in return!!

Love :)

The bridal party :)

Mucking around.....what great memories I have of that day!!


Love Hollie

Here we go......

So, here i am starting my first ever blog!

It is labeled 'beauty by Hollie D', because eventually i want it to be all about BEAUTY!!! mainly MAKEUP!!! i want to eventually share any knowledge and tips on makeup and turn it into a real girlie site!!

But for now, its gonna be about life so far...and the places i have lived in my short 24 yrs!!


Perth-Western Australia

Sydney-New South Wales

Yes im from Australia, and im a passionate 'AUSSIE'

this blog is for my family and friends around Australia, as another means of keeping in touch and so you can see whats going on in my life seeings we live quite far from each other!! but this blog is mainly for remind myself of my past and to have confidence and a sense of 'fearlessness' for the future! sometimes life can throw you curve balls.....just gotta remember to pick yourself up, and keep moving forward....NEVER EVER STAY DOWN!!!


I will try to include photos and memories stay tuned :

hope ur all having a great day

Lots of love
Hollie D