Thursday, April 28, 2011

Betsey Johnson Fall 2011 collection

I was looking at some photos of a fashion show and i was in awe of the whole look on the catwalk so i had to share it with you guys!!

Its from none other than Betsey Johnson and its her fall 2011 collection!

I love the whole theme/look she has going on with her models
to me it has a real Mafia theme to it with a real edgy twist, and im loving the bold eye makeup paired with the red lips! Very catwalk looking!!!

hope you enjoy the fashion as much as i do!!

lots of black with touches of it!!

 you will also notice the cool tights and opened toe boots in a lot of the photos!


LOVE the white ruffle down the front


LOVE the red/black combo!!


i'm noticing an animal print theme as well as some floral pieces....some really fun items!!


how cool does she look?



so there you have splashes of black/red, floral and animal print!!

Love the Mafia vibe and how cool the models look with their short bobs and dramatic makeup!!

Love HollieDee

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

52nd Annual Grammy Awards 2011

I was looking thru some websites and looking at fashion and i realised that i didnt do a post on the last Grammy here it is :)

I love looking at fashion and everyone's unique style.....even the crazy Gaga :)

VERY unique is this lady :)

nice dress but i actually think it would have looked nicer a little bit longer!

I love this mermaid style dress....looks good in wedding dresses too!!

Jay-Z scrubs up nicely :) hahaha

i find this dress a bit boring on Britney....maybe its cause she is sitting in this photo....but at least she isn't flashing everything :)

I don't particularly like this dress!

this dress suits Katy Perry, im just not a fan of it for anyone else!

gorgeous looking couple!!

Rihanna is so hot....i think this woman is so gorgeous!!

Taylor Swift always looks so elegant!!

I love this husband thought it looked like a bird :) but i LOVE it!!

lil trashy the pair of them :)

this is part elegant part interests me!

How gorgeous is Celine Dion....she looks AMAZING for her age and always looks stunning!!

Oh how i wish i could live 1 day in their shoes! I'm a big believer in never wishing you had someone else's life and appreciating what you have....but i would love to live like a star for a week or 2...or even a month :)

Just to have a stylist, personal hairdresser and makeup go to awards nights and live in a massive house with a nice shiny car :) and to go shopping like mad and have all the facials and massages i want.....and to go on a holiday somewhere exotic.....gosh i might need more than 1 month to do all this :)

Love always

Red heads with red lipstick!!

Too many people believe a myth about red heads, and that is that you cant wear lipstick, wear red clothing......or even pink!!!

And i just want to help put a stop to this myth!!

Take a look at all the beautiful red head women in the following pics and see how they rock red lipstick!!

looks stunning with the green earrings!

back when Scarlet Johannson was a red head

you can even go a bright orange/red

Love this pic

Rihanna always looks gorgeous!

Red heads look amazing with red lipstick, its just all about getting the right shade....someone with a cool skin tone (more pink in their the traditional English rose complexion) can wear a beautiful blue based red......someone with a warm skin tone (more yellow based skin tone) suit an orange based i dont mean you have to wear orange.,...i still mean red...just orange based!!


Red heads and red clothing.....

sure Lily Cole is a supermodel....but doesnt she look stunning in a red dress!!

such a gorgeous pic

and of course the beautiful Christina Hendricks!!


Nicole Kidman always looks classy!

So red heads....go out and get yourself a red dress!!!

Now lastly, red heads CAN wear pink clothing and CAN wear pink lipstick!!!!
sure its 2 colours most people wouln't think to put together...but it works...and works in an amzing way!!!

look at the following Marie Claire cover...

Rihanna has fierce red hair, with soft pink makeup and clothing and how beautiful does she look....and she would be just as stunning if it was hot pink rather than a pale pink!! both will work!

Dont always believe myths!!! There are some hair/makeup/clothing rules that are there for a reason....but some other "rules" are there to be broken.....its good to push the boundaries because thats when you can come up with a new style for yourself and that can be the most liberating thing!!

Go and reinvent yourself and come up with your own style!! Dont just follow trends but be a trend setter!!

Love always