Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Same makeup just different lipsticks!

RED lipstick............and the good old PINK

its amazing how you can totally change a look just by changing the colour of your lips!
firstly i want to talk about eyelash glue though.....i ordered a brand called DUO from America, apparently its a hospital grade adhesive, but it comes off when you wash it.....the reason why i purchased this is because when i was at makeup school, whenever we tried to use false eyelashes you could really tell if you were using a good quality glue or not!!! there is nothing more frustrating than taking your time doing the models makeup only to struggle to finish with the lashes and to have the glue ruin the eye makeup!!

so i went in search and heard a few makeup artists recommend this brand Duo....when you put in on the lashes its white in colour but it dries clear, which  is exactly what i was after!!! so i purchased some and it arrived today!!

i decided to have a, i have never been able to put lashes on myself, i can do other people's eyes, but when it comes to me i just i was hoping having a good quality glue would help....but my main problem is that i cant shut one eye at a time....its really annoying but i have to hold my eye shut and also try to place a false eyelash on at the same time, not that easy!!

anyways, the following photos are of the first time i have ever put eyelashes on myself, so they're definitely not perfect...but you cant tell too much on camera, face to face you can...hahahaha

and yes i wanted to try something dramatic.....hence the red lips!!

its amazing how different you can look with big false lashes!!! and red lips for that matter!!

ok enough posing!! basically i wanted to show that you can have simple makeup and then make it
dramatic by adding false eyelashes and slapping on some red lippie!!

A lot of women are turned off by red lipstick...i used to be one of them. I thought red lipstick was old fashioned and pretty hilarious...its not till about the last 1 year that i have changed my tune!! I think its hilarious in 2 instances...when the eyes are way overdone in eyeshadow  as well as wearing led lipstick...its just too much, if you are going to wear red lipstick try to keep the rest of your makeup quite simple (unless you are a model on a catwalk)...the other occasion is when you wear the wrong shade of red for your skin tone....but apart from that i now think red lipstick is quite fashionable and modern and can make for a striking look!! if you wear the right way and with confidence, it can look fantastic!!

look at your wrist, do your veins look more blue or green??? and does your skin have more of a pink shade or a yellow shade to it??

if your not sure then go to a cosmetic counter and findout, but if your veins are greenish in colour and your skin has a yellow tone to it, and your more inclined to wear gold jewellery=then  your warm skin toned

If on the other hand your veins are bluish in colour, your skin has a pink undertone and silver jewellery suits you then you are a cool skin tone!!

now a warm skin tone should go for an orange based red lipstick
and a cool skin tone should go for a blue based red lipstick
it can be hard to understand, sometimes you can only see it when you hold one of each lipstick and you can see that one looks slightly orange......thats for warm toned skin.....if your still confused, just go to a makeup artist!!

Now, i just wanted to show how you can change a look just by wiping your red lipstick off and changing it to a pink!!

pink lipstick like this one can still be very dramatic paired with false eyelashes, but maybe not
as harsh as red lips!

Think you got the idea!!! go out and get yourself a red and a pink lipstick!!


have a great day


  1. oooo i like those eyelashes :) hehe! the pink lipstick looks fab, love it! ohh i didnt realise till just now that you had commented on mine, dahahaha! so thanx. your blogs are good too :) love ya xx