Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday nite date

well....last nite i went on a nice little date with my gorgeous hubby!!

i organised this one, and i chose to go to the cinema and watch THE BLIND SIDE with Sandra Bulllock......she is my favourite actress and this is the movie she won an Oscar for, so i was really looking forward to watching this movie!!!

just parked our car at the shopping centre

stocking up on chocolate b4 the movie :)

going down the escalator...

posing in front of my work....its the same shopping centre as the cinema.

My favourite coffee shop.....well i dont actually drink coffee....thats Emmanuel there at the counter in the white shorts, i Love their soy hot chocolates....they are the best ever!! seriously good!!
so we have our chocolate and Emmanuel has his now its off to see our movie............



seriosuly i loved this movie, it was a very touching movie but had funny parts as so glad Sandra won the Oscar, she really deserved it for this role!!!! Go watch it for sure you will agree!!

now, its wednesday 12:30pm and at 1pm i have to go to an open home, i so cant be bothered.....but i have i shall be off!!!

have a great Wednesday
will be back soon with some makeup looks

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