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THE OSCARS!!! the fashion/makeup i loved.......and didnt love :)


well, as you all know i love fashion.....i really really love fashion, and obviously makeup....everyone has some sort of passion in life and this is mine. I think you can express yourself through the clothing you wear and also with your makeup.....there are places where you dont need to make an effort and also places you really need to put a lot of energy into your of those places would be THE of my 'wants/wishes' in life would be to attend an Oscars ceremony....that would be so much fun, getting all dressed up/all pampered....then you walk the red carpet with all the cameras flashing....then mingle with all the 'stars'........i honestly think that would be fun (and a tad intimidating)  :) i was not there....hahahaha.....but i am going to add some photos of different women that were lucky enough to attend and im going to i guess critique their outfits to all the women out there that enjoy fashion like on......(now this is purely my opinion, simply based on my own likes and dislikes, im sure a lot of you may disagree with me on some of them)

I had to start with one of my favourites, seriously i think Maggie Gyllenhaal looked amazing......I LOVE the dress, i think it was a modern yet sophisticated, beautiful coloured dress and her makeup complimented that....her eyes are stunning and those pink lips look fantastic in contrast to the blue!!
(and yes all my photos are off the today network site so they will all have that logo)

next photo is another one i thought was just beautiful......i love that Anna Kendrick has pale skin (like me) but she didnt go and spoil it by getting a fake tan done....i think her skin looks amazing and she has chosen a dress colour that goes beautifull with that
very classy, fresh makeup and nothin was over-done...i thought she looked naturally beautiful!!

Here is one i didnt really like, i think Charlize Theron is such a beautiful looking woman, but this dress looks like someone was behind her and placed their hands on her makes that area stand out too much so you kinda dont notice the rest of her dress!!

and i didnt really like her makeup, i mean it was nice, but didnt think her overall look was amazing....nice colour dress though!!

Next picture is of Amanda Seyfried and i thought she looked lovely, very classy and very 'Oscars'. Her makeup was beautiful and the dress looked really good on her, wasnt one of my definite favourites but she definitely looked beautiful

and once again im liking the fact that not all the women are over-tanned....

Now this one i thought was wrong on many levels
seriously i think she looks like a mild porn star......there is a bit of a 'rule' with clothing that if you want to draw attention to cleavage then dont do the same with the legs and vice-versa......another words dont over-do all the bare skin......too much breats in this dress, and in other pictures i have seen that split actually goes up even higher......nice colour though and her face looks nice, her skin looks really fresh!!! but yeah, a BIG NO from me.....not that she cares....hahahahahahahaha

Sandra Bullock is probably my favourite actress of all time!!! i love her, love her movies and just really think she would be a lovely person in real life........

a few people have judged this look a little negatively, they say her hair looks too 'librarian' and straight and her dress looks too 'Oscars' but i actually disagree, i think she looks stunning....her dress is beautiful, oh so classy, her makeup looks fantastic and i actually like her hair, i think it compliments her whole look......I LOVE the fact she won an Oscar and i think she really looked like an Oscar worthy woman!!

This next look was another contoversial look, and at first i wasnt really sure about it, but the more i look at the pictures, the more i Love the dress....This is Nichole Richie....

I think she looks beautiful....i love the length with the train, the sleeves look awesome on her and the pattern is pretty cool, i also really like her makeup, her eyes standout and the colours her makeup artist has used really go well with the dress!! the back of the dress is really low and open which i also loved, big thumbs up from me!!!!

Now, Cameron Diaz.....she always looks great i think

I love the dress colour against her skin and her hair looks beautiful....great makeup as well!!! love the lips!!

Next is Jennifer Lopez, in an unusual style dress, she definitely took risks

i think she looks very nice and elegant, and i love the top half of the dress, im just not too sure about the big tuft of material coming out from her hip, maybe its just the angle of this picture but just dont like that part....apart from that she looks gorgeous to me!!!

Now, Zoe Saldana from Avatar....she looks amazing!!!!

i once again dont like the bottom, its way too ruffly for me, or like a big sponge cake sculpture of a doll....but the colours look beautiful on her and her makeup is just flawless


Kristen Stewart from Twilight fame....she has her own sort of punk/goth style sometimes with her outfit choices, and that look suits her! take a look at the dress below.......

I think she looks great for her age....she has porcelin skin and simple hair......and she does look a bit "twilightish" i just think she need jewellery....either statement earrings or a statement necklace....not both.....but just something, she looks a bit bare for me!!

Now, Demi Moore

I really do love this dress.....this is a 'me' dress....i think she looks stunning, the only thing i dont like is how the colour of her dress blends in with her skin.....but i really do love her hair, makeup and dress.....the style of it is the bottom!!

This next lady i actually dont know who she is.....Vera Farmiga is her name!

apparently she is from that George Cloony movie 'up in the air' not to be confused with that cute animated movie 'UP' hahaha.........
I LOVE the colour of this dress and i thought she was very brave to wear this is defiinitly a bit over the top for me, too much going on, but i still think she looks stunning....her skin looks porcelin and her makeup and hair is soft and even though i dont really like the dress style, i think this lady is brave and the colour is awesome!!!

and now for Miley Cyrus and her Mumma....

I think Miley looks way nicer than her mum....i think her mum looks over cooked and that takes all the attention ... all i see is that tanned skin and blonde hair....just dont think she looks nice...and maybe her tan is natural, im not sure, but i dont like it when women start to look like cooked chickens as they get older........but Miley on the other hand i think looks great, she looks young and fresh and not too overdone....i think she won over her mum here.....

Sarah Jessica Parker has had awesome reviews for this dress

i think its pretty...but i dont like it....i dont like that band going around her neck, i do think the front of the dress looks nice, its just not my taste...but i do like her hair and makeup....i think overall she looks fresh and stunning, i just dont particularly like this dress choice, pretty colour on her though!!!

Rachel McAdams

Pretty dress, pretty hair, pretty makeup....she looks very my favourite dress but she looks beautiful all the same!

Penelope Cruz...

her hair/makeup and earrings are beautiful and i love the colour of the dress.....the dress itself is a little bit too much of a sack/paper bag look to me....but i think it suits her, the top half of the dress i really do love though, and as i said...i LOVE the colour!!!

Kate Winslet

Her hair and makeup are just gorgeous...and i really like the necklace....the colour of her dress is beautiful on her...i just dont like the idea of the skirt and corset top...but she always looks stunning

Elizabeth Banks

Just gorgeous....overall beautiful look......once again im loving seeing pale skin have a bit of a comeback....the colour is pretty on her and the little headband looks nice in her hair....very pretty!!

Molly Ringwald....another one i actually dont know who she is......

I dont actually like this dress....but im loving her skin, hair colour and dress colour...its a beautiful combination...this is a cool skin toned lady (like me) and her hair colour goes well with purples, her makeup compliments her hair/skin tone (even though it looks like she is pulling a funny face-hahaha) and with her colouring, silver jewellery goes really well, so im loving that standout silver piece on her dress!!
she does look nice!

Sigourney Weaver

she looks really nice, like one of those Greek Goddess looks!! Red looks great on her with her skin/hair colouring, and i love the large shoulder gem detailing!! very classy!!

Queen Latifa

She looks great, nice dress choice for her figure, great colour...sleek hair and pretty earrings!!

Mariska Hargitay

This is a really pretty dress, great colour choice!! her hair is soft and pretty and from a distance her makeup looks great. I have seen an up-close picture of her makeup and wasnt so impressed....her eyeshadow was a bit much, but it doesnt show up in this for this pic its looks great....I dont like her necklace though....not sure why...just dont..hahaha

Giulina Rancic

Very similar to the dress above......i dont like that this one looks shiny, if i had to choose between the 2, i would choose Mariska's dress.... but i do like these earrings!! her hair from here looks too boring....but her makeup looks great!!

Diane Kruger

You know what, its not something i would wear.....but she looks FANTASTIC....i really mean that....she does old hollywood really well, there is something very classy about this woman, sure there is a lot going on with this dress, but i really believe she can pull it off...and her earrings/hair/makeup are simple so her dress gets all the attention...I like!!  :)


I love this is such a nice colour next to her skin colour...she looks great, blue is one of my fav colours and i think this shade is gorgeous!!
sometimes i think it would be hard for larger sized women like Monique and Queen Latifa be up against some of these super slim women when it comes to dress choices etc....but i think they have done a great job and they look lovely!! just not sure about her hair!! finish on
Helen Miren
If im correct, Helen is 65 years old!!! and how FANTASTIC does she look....her dress is look outstanding....i really hope i age gracefully like her!!
A+++++ from me!!!

and this it from me :)

hope you enjoyed my lil Oscars review!!!!!

Lots of Love

Hollie D

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