Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My hair cut!!

Yes thats my haircut....its the same as what i had done christmas time...just a bit shorter, cause im lazy and want my style to last longer between cuts....i pretty much get my hair done every 3months, if it was longer i wouldnt care, but with a short hairstyle you kinda have to get it done more often, spec my hair when its turns into a mop!! :)
by the way, in sydney is cold and wet face the entire weeks forecast is rain!!! when i say cold, its the early 20's :) thats prob not cold to tassie ppl!! :)

more of my hair......

and more.....

Emmanuel took this one, and he was making me laugh!!

so thats my short hair....shortest i have EVER had my hair cut!!! plus it looks totally different cause its straight! i dont ever straighten my hair cause im really fussy about having healthy hair so i dont like using my GHD too much......i dont even blow dry my hair, i just scrunch it with gel, let it dry naturally and then sleep on it and i wake up with curly hair!! I feel weird with straight feels flat :)
whenever i get my hair done i let them straighten it for a change!

well im off to watch the biggest loser....and then so you think you can dance :) good shows!!
2mrw im working i mite have an early night cause i have been getting 5 hour shifts lately, a 9hour one mite be a shock to the system...hahaha

oh, and 2day we went to look for work for emmanuel...we parked in a car park and when we got back we had an $84 parking fine because we didnt read the sign properly!!! annoying!!!

have a great night!!!
Love HollieD and my new hair :)

March overview.....

wow....i havnt been blogging very much lately at all!!

ive been a very busy girl :)

some good and some very very annoying!

so an update.............

last few weeks i went to lots of open homes because our landlord wanted to move back in so we had to move house....very annoying!! as Emmanuel works mon-sat every week, long hours....i basically had to do all the running around looking for a place....which i guess is good for me :)

Good news......a unit became available in the exact same block we already lived in!!! whats the chance hey??
so last tuesday, straight after the interview i had with David Jones, we got the 'YES' so we could now move in!!

so no more looking for a we had to start packing/moving!!
that tuseaday was a very interesting day....i had the interview and was told it was between me and 3 girls......we then got the call to say we got the unit in our block.....then later that day we also got a call to say that 40 guys on Emmanuels job site had been made redundant because the 250 workers there had to be narrowed down to 100 over a few weeks as the work was drying Emmanuel lost his job that Tuesday!!! what a day!!!

that wednesday and thursday i was not a happy girl.....i just had 2 days of not really coping....its not like me, im normally a positive "look at the bright side" kinda girl....but not for 2 days!!! I was sick of interviews.....sick of waiting to hear back.....and now not happy that Emmanuel was out of work and we had to move on friday!!

Friday was a very busy day!!! we moved house, and even though it was still in the same unit block....we had to go up a set of stairs and then down 1 set to get outside....then walk around the block of units to the other side.....then up 3 sets of longer stairs to our unit!!! now if you do that once, its not so bad....but if you literally do that non-stop from 9am till about 7pm with only about a 20min break for lunch in the middle......whilst also carrying various items from your house....lets just say we were EXHAUSTED!!!!! i was aching in every muscle of my body from my head/neck to even my toes!!! it was the best work out EVER!!! (i was actually aching very badly from then untill the following tuesday!!!!)

My sis in-law and her fiance came around her fiance could help Emmanuel carry the heavy things like fridge and washing machine etc.....thanks so much to them!!

Now (Wed 31st March)...looking was a bit of a tough week...there was a lot of stuff going on and i did have a couple 'bad' days......but we are now happily settled into our unit and are glad its all done.....Emmanuel is still looking for just trusting something good will come thru for him.......

and now some good news :)

I GOT THE JOB WITH ESTEE LAUDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a call last night to say i was so happy!!!!!!! i am very grateful that they chose me as i have to admit i was getting very nervous that i may have missed out!!

So that was a great ending to MARCH....what a month its been!!!!

tomorrow i am helping out a different store with sportsgirl as they are working 12-9pm........its gonna be a long day!!!! hope it flies!!

Well to end happy and grateful i got the EL job, cant wait to start (prob 1.5weeks away) happy we have moved and i like our new place! and im hoping and praying Emmanuel gets another really good job soon....but its nice for him to have a rest because he works so hard!! when one door shuts, another always eventually opens!!!

Im sure April will be a great month, looking forward to Easter.....and next week im also going to a NEWSBOYS concert at Hillsong church.....we got the tickets a few weeks ago so im really looking forward to it!!

Have a great day everyone
Lots of love

ps....i had a haircut, its exactly the same style just a lot shorter....needed doing cause it was starting to look like a mop!! :) so pics soon!!
and ive also decided that next time i need a colour done im going red for winter....with a few diff shades of red foils thru the long section at front of my face!!! so soon i will be a racy red head :) hahaha

Bondi Tuesday 23rd March

This is a post i did a whole week ago....on Tuesday 23rd March 2010........
I thought i posted it, but just realised i actually DIDNT :)

so here it is....just pretend it was a week ago :)

then i will post another one soon with an update!! i had an interview with Estee Lauder at Bondi!!

Emmanuel had a rostered day off so he came with me which was really nice (well not actually in the interview room-LOL,just on the trip)

so for me to get to Bondi, i have to either drive to the station near my place (or bus it to the station)....i could walk but it would take 20-30mins...and dont really want to get sweaty before an interview :)

I then catch a train to the city which normally takes 30-40mins.....i then change platforms and catch about a 10min train to Bondi Junction!!!
so yes its a journey!! but its worth it because i really want the job!!

I LOVE Estee Lauder....i wear their double wear foundation all the time and love their product range.....Plus EL owns everything....they own so many companys including Bobby Brown and Mac i really want this job because who knows where it can lead in the future!!

I already have had the interview with Estee Lauder....but todays interview was mainly with David Jones!!

Emmanuel at the train station :)

There are lots of nice apartment blocks near the Bondi shops!!

we didnt go anywhere near the Bondi beach because we would have to take a bus there....its a bit of a distance from the actual shop sorry no nice pics of the beach area!!

Bondi Mall

more Bondi Mall

Me going down the escalator back to the station after the interview....

i just realised i didnt take any pics of the actual westfields in Bondi....its a really large shopping centre, very nice and a bit posh :)

view of part of the city from Bondi shops...

Emmanuel going down escalator :)

 more of part of the city...from Bondi Junction!

Hoping on a train.....back to the city for some lunch!!

So....the interview went well.....I was very happy with it...i was confident, friendly and got on very well with the lady interviewing me...only down side is she said it is now down to me and 3 other girls :(  NOooooooooo
HAHAHA.....i really hope i get it!!!

on a different is our fridge!!
random i know, but ive been meaning to take pictures for ages....our Neice Chelsea made these for us at christmas...and we thought they were beautiful so they have been displayed on our fridge ever since :)

whenever people come over and visit, they all comment on the Chelsea is now famous
Kelly if your reading this can you pretty please show here and tell her she is famous :)

and this is the top part of our fridge......thats my niece and nephew in a recent photo and when they were tiny little things :)
i also have another niece (Myra)...her picture is in the loungeroom!!

Hope your having a great day!!

more updates soon!!

love HollieD

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Perth...the place i call HOME ;)


This is the city i moved to with my family when i was 20 years old!

I LOVE Perth...I REALLY do...i have great memories of that city, its where all my immediate family and a whole bunch of my closest frinds live!!!

It has beautiful beaches (probably the best in Australia) and gorgeous country towns and a really nice city!! Its a laid back city, but there is lots of fun to be had!!  :)

Even though i dont live in Perth now (I currently live in Sydney on the other side of Australia), i still consider Perth to be home, i love going there for holidays!!

here are some random pics of Perth!!

Yep....beautiful beaches.....beautiful city!!!!

Since i have moved to Sydney and no longer live in Perth, i view it in a different way....not that i didnt appreciate Perth when i lived there, because i did, i loved living there......but since moving far far away i love and miss it so much....I view Perth as very 'Aussie' which i LOVE.....dont get me wrong, i love other cultures/races ect.....I love the diversity you can get in Australia.....but Perth to me is the one place where i truly feel AUSSIE.....and i also view it as a very clean city!!! Even the air seems cleaner than in Sydney.

Tasmania is beautiful but isolated.......and its very 'country'.....then Perth is  similar but with a bigger city, more beaches there are similarities but its got that city feel.....then you have Sydney, that city is on a whole nother level :)

Each time ive moved, its like everything is getting bigger and more fast paced!!!!

As far as Perth goes, i have to say its my favourite place in Australia so far.....definitely my favourite place ive lived in!! I LOVE the beaches....I LOVE the city...cause its big enough to be a city, but not over crowded or too big if you know what i mean....there are amazing holiday places, and the weather is amazing!!!

So there you have it, Perth, the best city on earth :)

my Home (i will always fondly think of it that way).......and a great place to live!!!

You should visit it sometime!!!

Lots of love

Monday, March 22, 2010

Its good to know where you come from....

I came into this world in a beautiful state of Australia called TASMANIA.....

There are a lot of jokes about 'Tassie', as Australians fondly call the Island, these jokes are normally because they say Tassie is a whole separate country and isnt part of Australia :) but its all jokes....when you look at the map of Australia, there is the 'mainland' the big main part of Aus, then there is the island directly below the state of Victoria known as Tasmania...and although it doesnt look like it is connected to the definitely is a part of Australia!!!

see there it is....right at the bottom of this map of Australia :) thats the island i was born on and continued to live for the first 20yrs of my life....i then moved to Perth (Western side of Aus)....on the left of the map towards the bottom, right on the coast line....then at 22.5yrs of age i moved to Sydney (Eastern coast of Aus)......i have lived in beautiful parts of Australia.......but thats another whole story....this post is all about beautiful Tasmania....

so here it is...the island at the bottom of Australia....see the part near the top that says Launceston?? there is a river running right in...thats where i lived. The place called Hobart right down the bottom is the capital of Tasmania. I will be honest with you, i actually havnt seen a lot of where i lived for 20yrs!!! sad hey, sometimes you get so caught up in life and routine and school or work that you neglect the beautiful places around need time out from 'life' and need to go exploring, thst one thing i wish i did more of all those yrs i lived there!!

im going to paste a whole bunch of photos of Tasmania in no particular order....some are from Launceston and others are just random shots from around the Island....hope you too can see the beauty that is there!!

no i dont know this guy...just thought it was a cool pic :) LOL



seriously i miss it so much, i havnt been back there since i moved to Western im hoping to go back there sometime this year and show my hubby where i grew up and the different houses i lived in and the schools i went to etc...Emmanuel has never been there so he would love to plan a trip!!

Tassie is quite diverse, it has beaches, rainforests, farms, little towns, shopping areas, mountains, valleys, snow etc gets really cold in winter (freezing i reckon) and summers are mild, not that hot compared to other parts of thing though, sometimes you can feel a little isolated on the island, like you feel far from the rest of Australia....Tassie is more country/rural.....rather than big citys and sky scrapers :)

Im proud to be Australian and im proud to be Tasmanian.....even though it does have a few down points, it is a beautiful state, and a great place to be as kids growing up or to retire in your older age!!!

I miss my beautiful Tassie..........I encourage anyone to go there on a holiday and hv a look around for yourself...if you go in winter then rug up real good :)

Hv a great day/nite
Love HollieD

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grey eyeshadow.....

I love eyeshadow, i really do. I dont wear it everyday, but sometimes when i feel like it i will try something different!
Because im quite fair skinned i have to be careful when it comes to black can end up looking quite harsh against my white skin...its ok as a liner or in the outer part of my eyelid as a contour or in the crease etc, but full on black smokey eye can really wash me out unless i have a nice tan :)

so my alternative is GREY.........grey eyeshadow can look fantastic, either matched with another colour or as a grey smokey eye....its not so harsh against my skin colour...

another problem i tend to have is deep-set eyes. By that i mean my eyeballs are set back quite far in my face :) lol that sounds funny....but its true, i have quite a structured face as in you can notice bones like cheekbones etc...but also my brow bone is quite strong, so its sits out futher than my eyes.....therefore you cant see a lot of my eyelid space unless i look down, my eyes are shut or you are looking side on to my face! does that make sense?? lol

Fifi Box from Sydney Australia
just an can see Fifi's innner corner of her eye...see how you can see some of her eyelid, but then the outer part of her eye...her brow bone is protruding....they are deep-set eyes! By the way i really like Fifi, im not mocking her at all ( I have the same sorta eyes)....deep-set eyes dont have to be a 'problem' or seen as a bad thing, there are ways to work around it :)

same when you look at Jennifer....she has really deep set eyes, you cant really see her eyelids....

on the other hand...

take a look at Jessica Alba's eyes, you can actually see her if she had a bright purple on, you would be able to see it quite clearly...but on me you wouldnt see it so much (thats why there are different tricks, like extending the colour out a bit further etc..)

Beyonce has so much eyelid space to work so jealous :) hahaha

deep-set eyes are quite commen. Plus mine are slightly close-set ( a way to check is; the size of your eye should fit in between both your eyes....mine doesnt fit so mine are close set eyes....if it would fit plus more then that means your eyes are quite far apart) because mine are also close set i have to make sure i dont have really dark colours in the corners of my eyes (near my nose)...dark colours make it more obvious whereas light colours (ie-white,silver or light shades of colour etc etc) can really open my eyes up......

If you have close set eyes
1.leave darker colours to outer part of your eye and in the crease (or as liner etc)
2. dont place dark colours near the corners of your eyes (near nose) as this will make the problem worse, it will make your eyes appear like they are even closer than they are!
3. use light colours in the inner corners (near nose), it will instantly open up and 'awaken' you eyes...

If your eyes are set quite far apart
you can still do all of the above, but you have a bit more freedom because you can use dark shadows all over your eyelid fact using dark colours just on the outer part of the eye (near sides of your face) can make your eyes appear further you can go ahead and put dark colours in the inner corner of eye!! are a couple pics of some simple grey eyeshadow (let me just say eventually i want to get a really good quality camera, mine is just average....)
i have grey eyeshadow on my lids, plus a pale white/gold on the inner corner to brighten it up a camera didnt really bring out the colours as well as i wouldve liked :(
i also blended the grey out with a skin colour eyeshadow....

a few pics just for fun....

There you have a little lesson on eyes :)

have a great day/night

love HollieD