Monday, August 9, 2010 and more shopping

Sunday with Ella

we started the day with church at Hillsong

coffee of course :)

jumping castle for the kiddies

outside church

Then off we went shopping!!!

and Ella got some new shoes!

some nice new leather shoes!

and she got a haircut!

got a trim (actually quite a big trim she wanted) and a nice new fringe!

dont worry mum, its still long!  :)

then when we got home i started mucking around with makeup

ella with pink lipstick :)

man she has beautiful eyes!!!

this was just a little bit of foundation....blush,mascara and lipstick!

pretty girl............and dont worry dad she didnt go out like this :)


so that was our was a beautiful day outside and we had lots of fun

Love Hollie and Ella

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  1. SHE IS SO STUNNING!!!!! I'm glad yous are having a good time together xxxxx