Friday, August 6, 2010

MY SISTER IS HERE........IN SYDNEY :) the heading says...
'My sister is here'

im so excited to have here here.....i have been looking forward to this for so long!!

today we had a few men come to our unit to fix a couple things so we had to wait till they came and the meantime Ella and i did some baking :) we made some yummy choc-chip/bananna muffins.....they are oh so yummy :) about 12 we caught a bus to Parramatta Westfields shopping centre for some shopping and a movie!

on the back seat of the bus

pretty eyes :)

we ended up watching step up 3 in 3D......we both love dancing movies!!

ella with her 3D glasses :)

then off we went shopping....

i love this shop....its where you can choose a teddy bear and stuff it and cloth it so cute!!

this is later on when we got home...

ella and emmanuel were doing 'find-a-words'....

Now, some of the lovely things Ella got today

a nice set of bracelets

i love this top!!

a new belt with a crochet look

this is gorgeous....a new top and vest!

its really feminine...

right now we are watching tv and eating muffins :)

we might watch a bit of Grease cause its on tv :)

we also might have an early nite tonight cause 2mrw we are prob going to spend all day in the city!!

Lots of Love
Hollie and Ella

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