Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday Night....karaoke!


firstly i got some beautiful flowers off my lovely managers at sportsgirl....cause friday was my last shift :(
that was so sweet of them!!!!

then that nite we had a birthday get-together with family at Nortons on Nortons (bistro) with Karaoke......we had lots of fun!!!


before we went out, with a top i got from looks plain at the front, but the back is long like a duck's tail ;)

Me and Moses (Mo)

Birthday boy Daniel and Isabel

Sandra and Bruno

Nick and Connie

Natalie (the great singer!!) and Chad...(cousins)

cute cuddles

Emmanuel and Daniel

someone singing karaoke!

Isabel stole my camera :) lol

yep!!1 Emmanuel has an olive on his tooth!!!

un-olived :)

more photos

this was some random guy who kept getting up singing....he was hilarious!!!! worst singer, but he really got into it.....made the nite!!!

The guys!



Mo and Chad

yep! they're related! :)

more smiles

birthday boy in middle

me and a horse!

some of  us girls

me and Natalie


bruno and emmanuel singing

bit blurry!! chad and bruno

the 3 cousins.....attempting to sing :)


we had a great nite...lots of fun with family....and lots of laughs listening to people sing!!! and NO i did not get up to sing :) LOL

Lots of Love

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