Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thursday 12th August

I had to work a few hours on Ella slept in till 2:30pm!!!!!! LOL

she cracks me up, the little sleep head :)

that night Emmanuel and I decided to get the girl out of the house :) and go out for we met up with Emmanuel's sister Raffaella, and his mum

Emmanuel and Ella

the lights were awesome....well actually, the artwork around the lights were!!

It was an Italian restuarant called Sicilian....yummy yummy food!!

Emmanuel was telling us a funny story and he couldnt stop laughing :) took a while to get the story

Emmanuel's sis and mum

Ella and me.....i tickled her :)


this time i didnt tickle her :)

us girls!

we had a really nice night and dinner was yummy....nice company!
Lots of laughs and fun

A Nice Thursday Night

Love Hollie and Ella

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