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and i love it when i can say that!!! has so many ups and downs and twists and turns!!

this week is also about me pushing my boundaries and facing some fears!!!! Its such a liberating feeling when you can say you have overcome something!!!..........or even when you havnt quite overcome it......but you are still doing something about it! still going forward (yes Julia Gillard) still pushing thru even though the circumtances are scary or overwhelming!!!

I heard a great saying/quote 2day.......hope i rememberd it right!!


how true and amazing is that!! look back on our lives at all the struggles, scary times we have been thru.....and realise this.....WE ALWAYS COME THRU IT......WE MAY HV SOME BATTLE SCARRS.......OR FLESH WOUNDS.......BUT WE ALWAYS!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!! ALWAYS!!!! COME THRU THE OTHER END............some things do scarr us, but when we allow the circumstances to change us for good, we grow stronger and stronger thru life!!!

so, for this post to make sense i will explain!!

i wasnt going to write this cause to other poeple its no big deal and i know there are people in lot worse was just a bit of a tough my husband was without a job as of last week......and we are trying to sell out house (emmanuel purchased a house as an investment property a few yrs b4 he met me, we never lived in it....and it wasnt the greatest of purchases...ended up being more of a burden) its been on the market and then the last week we found out there was termites in it!!!! and it needed the entire bathroom ripped up and done again plus the beams all below the bathroom.....there is also termites in the garage and back fence!!!!!!!!!!!! not good when you want to sell,...we had prospective buyers pull out and it just wasnt looking good at all!!!!

so we had major probs there and now Emmanuel was out of work!! not a good start to the week!!!!

even though things wernt looking good and were really frustrating....we tried to be upbeat and not 'worry' too much....but we all know thats not easy sometimes!!!

this week i felt like there were a few things i needed to overcome!! one was getting a pap smear :)
funny i know, but i had never had one, and i freaked out at the thought of it!!!!

so on wednesday.....i went and had my first pap smear!!!! i was so proud of myself, i felt good knowing it was over for another 2 yrs, but im really glad i did it!!! it took courage for me :)

also, as most of you know Emmanuel and I go to Hillsong church here in Sydney........and we love it to bits, but we both knew it was time to step out of the comfort zone and to meet some new poeple and really build some friendships!! so last sunday morning after the service we went to a 'welcome' party and got to meet some poeple and also join up with a connect group of people around our age!!! so when we finally do go to that one (its once a fortnight) i will put up a post :)

plus another thing with me....was to finally go to a Sisterhood meeting!!! every thursday morning at 9:30am-11:30am.....women of all ages/ethnicity meet up at church for a beautiful breakfast, worship service and teaching on all things women!!!!

i have been interested in them, but a lil shy about going by myself..........but this morning i made myself go (and thanks to the encouragement of Carly Andrews....she will understand)!!! and boy am i glad i did!!! it was amazing, and so beautiful!!! i walked in and there was hundreds of women, but it didnt feel felt like a big family of women!!! they go to all effort to make the place so special and beautiful......the place is decorated all girly....even as far as having candles and cute ornaments on the window seals on the way to the toilets!!!! the worship service was amazing and you could really feel God there!!! and then Bobbie Houston (Senior pastor) spoke for a little while all about us women..

some things i picked up from this morning;

-We need to take the time out for look after ourselves.....
-even as far as getting enough sleep and eating well
-we need to be strong and courageous but also know when to rest
-sometimes when times are scary and tough, the best thing is to read Gods word, and then have a nap and let God battle on our behalf.....dont worry!!
-Our bodies are the temple of the Holy we need to look after it!!! treats are good, they are excellent, but as far as food treats....if we are treating ourselves 24/7....then it is no longer a treat but rather a lifestyle :) LOL
-God loves us beyond our wildest imagination....we are His daughters, His princess!!!!!!! He cares about every little detail!!! He cares that we have clothes to wear (he just doesnt care what outfit we chose to wear today or what brand etc...), He cares that we have food to eat (what we choose to eat is our choice though)......He cares that we have a bed to sleep in (how long we stay there is up to us though) hehehe

serisouly it was a beautiful morning, and i felt so blessed to be there......and to think its on every thursday morning!!! im going to try be there as often as possible!! i think its so important for women to get together and feels Gods love and His value!!! and to be inspired by other womens stories etc!!!

I didnt take any photos :(
 but i did get this from their website....

The Dream for Womanhood

•she will know her origin and walk with her Creator

•she will become the daughter that He knows she is

•she will deny the enemy his pleasure

•she will become a force on this earth for 'only good'

•she will partner with humanity to fulfil humanity

Our heartbeat is to place value upon womanhood.

Our mandate is to gather a company of women who recognise and believe in their potential.

Our adventure is to make the world a better place.

Our desire is to love God, be kind to His children and make Him famous throughout the entire earth.


so where was i??? yeah thats right this week and this day........funny old week but a very good day....I was able to block out the world and all the silly things that run thru my mind sometimes and to just focus on my creator and just Love Him for all He is......Beautiful and Magnificant!!!!! and my day got that much better!!

also this afternoon, Emmanuel found out he has some temporary work thru an there is a buyer interested in our house, termites and all, we just had to drop the price a little....but seriously it was a hopefully that all goes thru cause then we dont hv to re-do the whole bathroom etc.......God is Good!!!

I just really want to encourage every woman/girl reading this, no matter who you are....God has you in the palm of his a tiny little premature baby, you can just picture this tiny amazing little baby that needs all the love and care that the world has.....tiny little defencless thing in someones palm.......sometimes that feels like gets overwhelming and hard......and you just wish you could curl up in a ball and hide from life and have someone hold you till you feel strong  and can stand again!!! God is that, and He can be that to you........He will hold you till the storm passes you by....and when your back on your feet, He doesnt just leave you but He walks beside you!!! He will never leave you nor forsake you!!!
if life is getting to you.....try not to worry cause it wont change your will only take your strength from your today!!!

Be strong....Be courageous and dont let ANYONE tell you have made it this far, you have enough strength to keep going!!! Look back on your life at how you got to here.....if you made it this far, who knows what you can achieve in this life!!!!

people are cruel, their words hurt bad sometimes..........but they can say what they want and only you can allow it to affect you and change who you are!!! dont let life harden you and steal your joy!!! Dont let it take your innocence and peace!!!!!you will have battle scars and flesh wounds thru this journey we call life, no one ever said life is like a ball of cotton wool (although we do know 'life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get') :) LOL.........but battle scarrs and flesh wounds tell an amzing story.....and they will encourage someone else!!!!


Phillipians 1:6 (the message)

There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears.

how awesome!!!

9-11So this is my prayer: that your love will flourish and that you will not only love much but well. Learn to love appropriately. You need to use your head and test your feelings so that your love is sincere and intelligent, not sentimental gush. Live a lover's life, circumspect and exemplary, a life Jesus will be proud of: bountiful in fruits from the soul, making Jesus Christ attractive to all, getting everyone involved in the glory and praise of God.

Hope this has made your day it has mine!!!

now all go and have your regular pap smears!!!! :)
and have a facial or manicure or something....and if you have no money or time cause you have like a tribe of kids or work a hard job....then my advice is drink lots of water and also put some mashed up avacado on your face and use that as a thing ever!!! so no excuses!!! go paper yourself!!!

Love you all
your sister :)

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