Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday 13th......ooohhhh spooky :)


A fun way to spend a friday night!!!

so Ella, Emmanuel and I went to the city and enjoyed some fun times at Luna Park.................

right next to the Harbour Bridge


views from near Luna Park

Apartments near the water....would LOVE to live there!!

Entrance!! so cool!!

The Ferris wheel

Emmanuel makes a friend :)

the fun begins!!

Love the little shops!

so pretty next to the bridge!

hehehe...something is wrong with this picture??

thats better :)

funny mirrors....and some random lil kid jumps in our picture :) lol

hehehehe i LOVE this pic!!!

Ella and Emmanuel on a ride!

this went FAST!

so so pretty...starting to get dark

that little white bit in the sky is actually the moon!!


cool photo of Ella and Emmanuel

Coney Island rides

Ella and Emmanuel were on this red was a ride...just looks weird in the pic!

just before going on the Ferris wheel

they're up there somewhere!

these characters were really funny!


yum yum

sharing the love

cold but happy :)

and then we had to go....

we then caught a train into the city to meet up with some of our 'Perth' friends...Brad and Carly to have some dinner ....

Carly, Ella and me

us couples

we had a really great time at Luna park and went on some fun rides!!! it was so pretty too!! then dinner with our friends was great, good food and funny convo's.....

a really good Friday Night

Love Hollie and Ella

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