Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday in the city!!

Saturday with Emmanuel and Ella..........a day in Sydney

At the train station

yum yum

Busking in the Pitt St Mall

Lunch in the city

Then up to Centrepoint Tower we went....

the most beautiful city in the world....

you can zoom in and spy on people down below :)

Darling Harbour

Hyde Park

there is work here for Dad :)

i LOVE this park.....

and this is my fav church building in Sydney!!

see the red Cocoa Cola sign near the top right hand of the photo...thats Kings Cross where all the night clubs/strip joints are....

More of Hyde Park

In the elevator

Emmanuel gave this Charlie Chaplin guy some money :)

on a ferry on the water

Harbour bridge

Opera House

so pretty

going back on the Ferry...end of the day....bit exhausted!!

So, that was our saturday.....lots of fun in the city!!!

Love Hollie and Ella

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