Thursday, October 28, 2010

My new Obsession- Doe Deere-Lime Crime

Doe Deere

this woman is a little obsessed!!!

she is a Russian woman now living in the U.S...i think she is 29(???) and is married. She has started her own makeup range called Lime Crime

(she is one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen....i find beauty in individuality....not in being the same as every one else....she is a true beauty. If you read her blog you will understand as she comes across as so humble and beautiful inside)

i heard of Lime Crime last year thru the internet but didnt take the time to research it or the founder...and then last week i stumbled upon Doe Deere (not her real name) in a youtube tutorial and i LOVED her red hair :) of it made me look her up and i found her blog;

and i have NOT STOPPED READING this blog....i have been going thru every single blog post she has written and i still havnt gotten thru it all...

what i love is her philosophy...and how she loves colour!!

she started her makeup range because she was sick of wearing lipsticks etc that wern't very bright, or you would need to wear half the tube just to get a decent colour pay off!!
she wanted lipsticks/eyeshadows that were bright and daring and playful....and i love her for that!!
 i LOVE that there are people out there who have the guts to push the boundaries and be different and not care what people think!! i think we could all do with a little of her courage!! she is def quirky, and while i may not have the same dress sense as her (she is def bold and out there)...she isnt expecting anyone to be like her....she is just offering an alternative to what is already being offered!!


dont they look pretty!!! and i love the packaging...instead of boring containers etc...they are a pretty purple/pink with a silver unicorn on them!! gorgeous!!

they also do eyeshadows.....that are some beautiful unique colours

I have ordered some lipsticks and eyeshadows off their site, so when they finally arrive i will do a review on them and will honestly tell you what i think of them!! they sound great, so we will see!!

Love HollieD

Latest Goodies...and my fave moisturiser!!

So, i went to the Staff shop last week...and i probably shouldnt have!! i originally went to buy my mum something...but whilst i was there, i noticed some fantastic bargains...and i just couldnt help myself :)

so here some of my latest goodies....

the camera def doesnt do these colours justice!!! they are way more bold than they look here!!! these are from the Hello Kitty range by M.A.C

this is a pic of the cover of the cute!!

these are M.A.C mineralize blushes...i got one in a bronze shade and one in a pink!! the bronze is called "cheek and cheerful" and the pink "Gentle".  i dont really wear bronzing products on my face, only because im quite pale so sometimes they can look a little dirty on my skin...but sometimes its nice to have a little glow in summer....this one is really pretty!! and obviously i LOVE pink blushes...i wear them everyday :)

this is a really beautiful highlight powder from looks gorgeous on top of the cheekbones as it reflects the light!

a really pretty pink lipstick called Bubblegum

now this looks almost black here...but its really a very deep purple called Faultlessly F/W...Emmanuel doesnt like it on my at all, he thinks i look a bit gothic :) and it is dark, not something i would prob wear during the day, but i am determined to wear it out sometime....

this was at the end of the day b4 i washed my makeup off...i wanted to try the lipstick...i actually like how its dark, its different to the normal pinks i wear!! something a bit edgier....Emmanuel will just have to get used to it :) lol
(my hair is pinned back in this photo by the way)

this is part of the Re-nutriv range of skincare from Estee Lauder....its the "Youth" creme and eye creme...on the left is the cleanser and next to it is the softening lotion with liquid gold in it that is soothing on sensitive skin...those products are still in the range...but the 2 products on the right (the youth creme and eye creme) have been discontinued :(  and it my fav moisturiser ever!!!
at least i got it at a really good is the best moisturiser...i love the feel of it and the smell is very soft and im very sad that it is no longer going to be available!!

im trying to show you the liquid gold reflecting in the light in this softening liquid!! i dont find this necessary for my skin, but maybe if i was older and had dry/delicate skin then i would want to use this more often...its almost like a refreshing toner without stripping the skin!!!

so there is my latest lot of goodies....and im sad to see the youth creme go....

Have a great day
Love HollieD

Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to take time out for yourself....

I believe that everybody needs to take time out for matter your age, and especially women....because it tends to be women who feel guilt, like they have to have done something deserving of taking time off......BUT i believe taking time out, even in small way is important!!!

whether it be reading a book/magazine, taking a bubble bath, watching a movie...having a nap or going for a walk...whatever it is that you enjoy, you need to do it more often!

yesterday was one of those days for me...where i had a day off work and i took some time out for ME :)

so i went to the Westfields shopping centre...had my eyebrows waxed, had sushi for lunch followed by a 'brekkie to go' boost juice..then went to the cinema to watch 'Life as we know it' (which i LOVED by the way)..... got me thinking, what are my tips for taking time out for yourself...what are some of the things i do???

now mind you i have no children...yes im married but i dont have a lot of responsibility in my life so i def have more time to myself than say someone with children!!

but some things i love to do; a hair treatment/face mask

about once a week...i love to treat my hair with Kerasatase mask...this stuff is beautiful and makes my hair so soft...when i was a brunette my hair was healthy and soft...since going red and obviously having to strip the dark brown out, my hair is a lot i do like to try and look after it!!

so i wash my hair and then apply the conditioning mask to my hair...i heat up a damp towell in the microwave and wrap my hair in it and leave it in for at least 30mins...
the reason for the heated towell is that it helps the treatment to absorb faster into the hair follicle!

while my hair is cooking, i like to also treat my skin....

so having my hair all wrapped up in a towell is perfect cause it means my face is clear and ready for some luscious treatment :) an exfolliating get rid of all the dead skin off the surface of your face

2. i then like to put on some sort of heavy duty of my fav's is avocado. i get a real avocado (as in one you buy from the vegie section of the supermarket...not some packet mix thing)...i mash some up on a plate and literally rub it into my face and even a bit on my neck! its the best thing will look like princess fiona off Shrek....but if you leave it on for a while (at least 30mins...sometimes i leave it on for an hour or 2 while im cleaning the house or something) eventually goes hard on your skin and it draws out all the impurities in your skin!! i LOVE this stuff....

another one i love is by Estee Lauder...and its called Triple Creme
its a hydrating simply wash your skin, then apply this cream on your face and neck and leave it on for at least 10 mins....once again i leave it on for a lot longer....this one is great for dehydrated/dry really softens and plumps up the skin!!

2.Have a milk bath

and yes i did say MILK.....

i couldnt believe it when the lady from the La Mer counter at bondi told me her skin secrets...and she has the most amazing skin ever!!! and is in her 40's!!

she told me to one night run a hot bath and tip in half a box of full cream powdered milk (must use full cream) relax in it like you would a normal bath and rub the water into your skin.....there are peptides in the milk that help to lock in moisture into your skin! its every now and then i have milk baths and it so relaxing....another tip she told me is to get coffee granules and rub them into any cellulite on legs/buttocks etc....cause coffee is known to have properties that break down fat particles!!! havnt tried that yet, but she swears by it!!
so have your milk bath and when you get out dont shower straight away....let the milk settle into your skin either over night or for an hour or so...the longer the better....then shower off!! its ok, cause its powdered wont stink as much as you would if you poured a whole milk carton over yourself :)

3. Read a magazine

I normally do this laying on the bed or whilst im in the milk bath :)
i love reading a good fahion/beauty fav is the cosmopoliton hair and beauty mag, but it only comes out once a yr...i also love shop till you drop, OK magazine....well pretty much any mag with fashion and beauty....i just dont like those mags that you know all the stories are made NW i think its called...they annoy me...i mite flick thru to look at the pics...but apart from that there isnt much good in them!!

4.Watch a movie

either hire one out or go to the cinema with friends or even by yourself.....there is nothing wrong with sitting in a cimea by yourself :) of course its better with friends....but im quite comfy in who i am to sit alone :) lol

a good comedy or drama can be such a relaxing way to spend an hour or too....and can also connect with your heart in someway...i have often come away from a movie having learnt something new about life and people!!!

5. Do whtever your hobby is....
now we all have some sort of hobby....and if you cant think of one then i encourage you to get a pen and paper out and spend some time thinking about what it is you enjoy...what makes your heart race....what makes you passionate...think about the things you really enjoy....its good to know what your passionate about!! i have lots...but one of my main ones would def be makeup.... i LOVE makeup...i love the art of it, the colours, the dramatic side of it and also the glamourous side!! whatever it is that you would call your more of it...spend some time quite regularly doing it!!! its good to be passionate about things in life!!

so there are just a couple of my own personal tips....i have lots and lots and lots cause i do find this topic very important. too many women do everything for everyone else and then wonder why they are burnt out...and yes i understand we cant just be selfish and just think about ourselves ALL the time...but its also selfish to NEVER think of ourselves....because then you wont be the real you, you will be the burnt out/highly strung version of you, and your family/friends around you will suffer!!


LOVE HollieD
ps...if you have any great tips on taking time out...please post them below...i want to know your secrets too!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

October Work Training-YAY more products!!

So i had some more Estee Lauder training on Wednesday for all the christmas season coming! Lots of exciting things to come!

so i want to show you what i got in training and also some goodies i purchased in the staff shop :)

Firstly, there is a brand called COACH that started in the U.S and they are now quite big around the world especially in Asian countries and the U.S...they make gorgeous little bags and wallets etc....and they are quite expensive! so they have collaborated with Estee Lauder for the HOLIDAY season (as the Americans like to say Christmas)
so you can purchase (i think in Novemeber...gosh i have forgotten already) these little Coach beauty bags that come in 3 different colours! i received the red one in training and this is what comes in the red set.....

except...the lipstick on the left isnt actually in this set...i  swapped that with another girl who had a different set...., but you get 2 lipsticks, 2 travel brushes, eye pencil, lip gloss and a compact with 3 eyeshadows and a blush....pretty cool little pack!

then i went a little crazy in the staff shop cause i get 60% off everything :) so i got this gorgeous little Dame Edna (MAC) set...its a highlight powder and gloss

and it says Dame Edna in the cute...but it slowly comes off as i use it, so trying not to use it too much!!

then i got this cute pack also...its 3 estee lauder Double wear creme eyeshadows...they can be worn as a base under eyeshdaow or worn alone...i LOVE the colours and they last really really well and dont this little mirror and comb came in it...(it only comes like this in the staff shop though)

so here are the colours (my fingernail knocked the purple one)

and i got 2 new MAC lipsticks....i know they look the same in this photo...but they are really must be the flash. the one on the left is called Rose Maiden....and i love it, its like a deep rose with a hint of tangerine with a metallic look to it...its really cool..i will take a photo with it on ondeay cause i cant describe it.
the colour on the right is called Ruby Woo,  and its a matte red, gorgeous red and its actually my first matte lipstick!

plus i thought i would add in that its breast cancer awareness month (October) so wear your pink ribbons and support this amazing cause! Estee Lauder are huge supporters and they do programs with women who are currently going thru treatment....they do makeup workshops etc..which i think is beautiful and very important as we all know women who are going thru treatment of any kind dont feel so beautiful so to be pampered and given some makeup products is definitly touching and something dear to my heart as my mum went thru this herself!! i also recieved this dvd in training about awareness and facts!

on another note, i also received this in training which is part of the Bronze Goddess range of products coming out in Novemeber....this range is just beautiful!!!!!

i got these in the staff shop...2 of my favourite products! on the right is a tinted moisturiser with sun protection...and on the left is the best product ever! its a refinishing treatment, it is like an exfolliatior but better...its like a 30% glycolic peel...since ive been using it my skin has felt so soft and clean!! you only use it once a week after you cleanse, just a small amount in your hand and you massage it into damp skin for about 1 min or so and you can feel it working, getting all the dead skin off! then you wash it all off and follow with a moisturiser....your skin will feel amazing!!

i will show you what i mean. Now im like most girls out there in the world and i dont think for one second my skin is perfect!! because my skin is so pale, any imperfection shows up even more than it would if i was more tanned! i get red pigmentation on my cheeks and the occasional blemish, but overall i like my skin...i dont break out very often at all...but i def have those days where i dont want people to see me without foundation on....or even just a tinted moisturiser! spec cause of the redness of my cheeks sometimes (it is minor but somtimes i dont like it) is a photo of me and Emmanuel on wednesday night when we just hopped into bed....i had just used that product on the left of the photo above, and then put on a heavy moisturiser (thats why my face is shiny)...but look at my skin....serisouly i love this product!!! no more dead skin and clogged pores on my face :)

so yes, i reccomend this product :)
(gosh look how tanned Emmanuel looks compared to all about not being tanned and using sunscreen etc...and he just tans so easily!!! plus he is Italian!!, i call us top deck chocolate)

something else, i got these beautiful Lauder blushes....

on the left is Tender Petal, its my favourite "go to" blush as its soft and subtle and kinda goes with most makeup looks....on the right is Peach Nuance which is the best peachy coloured blush i have seen so far...its so pretty on!

and lastly, 3 gorgeous mineralize eyeshaows from MAC...i just loved the look of them :)
Names from left to right: Its A Miracle, Fresh Green Mix, Myhem.
they are beautiful colours and quite intense!!

so these are all my latest little joys :) lol

hope you enjoyed looking at a little obsessed with makeup and skincare!!

Love HollieD

Friday, October 1, 2010

Red Head :)

So i finally took the plunge!!
for quite some time now...(.in fact i first thought of going red back in about March)...i have been contemplating the big change for a long time now...i was worried i would regret it, or it would fry my hair cause they would have to strip the dark chocolate colour first!!
i had been thinking and thinking and thinking.....

and now finally i did something about it :)

so they stripped the dark chocolate out and then coloured it red....its actually mix of copper and a purple colour to get the colour i wanted!!

when i first walked out of the hair salon, i looked fluro...cause it was really sunny here in Sydney...and it looked so bright...but im really happy with it now!! i cant wash it for over 48 hours just to let it really set in my the moment the roots are quite bright and that will settle after the 1st wash...but i actually dont mind the bright roots!!

im happy with it and my hairdresser!! she has gotten to know me since i started goign to her last christmas...she knows im fair and have a cool skin tone, so she helped pick the right colour to match that!  im really glad she did the colour!!

there i am in pyjama bottoms :) lol....Emmanuel took this photo!!

so i am now a red head!!!

im very happy i finally did it....i will see how it goes over the next few weeks...i only wash my hair about twice a week...and i will use a red shampoo to help it last longer!!

but yes im glad i took the plunge!!!

now Emmanuel calls me a fiery red head (i think he means fiery when i get bossy or angry) lol

Lots of Love