Thursday, October 28, 2010

Latest Goodies...and my fave moisturiser!!

So, i went to the Staff shop last week...and i probably shouldnt have!! i originally went to buy my mum something...but whilst i was there, i noticed some fantastic bargains...and i just couldnt help myself :)

so here some of my latest goodies....

the camera def doesnt do these colours justice!!! they are way more bold than they look here!!! these are from the Hello Kitty range by M.A.C

this is a pic of the cover of the cute!!

these are M.A.C mineralize blushes...i got one in a bronze shade and one in a pink!! the bronze is called "cheek and cheerful" and the pink "Gentle".  i dont really wear bronzing products on my face, only because im quite pale so sometimes they can look a little dirty on my skin...but sometimes its nice to have a little glow in summer....this one is really pretty!! and obviously i LOVE pink blushes...i wear them everyday :)

this is a really beautiful highlight powder from looks gorgeous on top of the cheekbones as it reflects the light!

a really pretty pink lipstick called Bubblegum

now this looks almost black here...but its really a very deep purple called Faultlessly F/W...Emmanuel doesnt like it on my at all, he thinks i look a bit gothic :) and it is dark, not something i would prob wear during the day, but i am determined to wear it out sometime....

this was at the end of the day b4 i washed my makeup off...i wanted to try the lipstick...i actually like how its dark, its different to the normal pinks i wear!! something a bit edgier....Emmanuel will just have to get used to it :) lol
(my hair is pinned back in this photo by the way)

this is part of the Re-nutriv range of skincare from Estee Lauder....its the "Youth" creme and eye creme...on the left is the cleanser and next to it is the softening lotion with liquid gold in it that is soothing on sensitive skin...those products are still in the range...but the 2 products on the right (the youth creme and eye creme) have been discontinued :(  and it my fav moisturiser ever!!!
at least i got it at a really good is the best moisturiser...i love the feel of it and the smell is very soft and im very sad that it is no longer going to be available!!

im trying to show you the liquid gold reflecting in the light in this softening liquid!! i dont find this necessary for my skin, but maybe if i was older and had dry/delicate skin then i would want to use this more often...its almost like a refreshing toner without stripping the skin!!!

so there is my latest lot of goodies....and im sad to see the youth creme go....

Have a great day
Love HollieD

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