Sunday, June 27, 2010

I love 50's makeup!!!

i really love makeup from the 50's

it is so stylish and classy.....prob a bit over the top for everyday makeup!!! but i love it all the same!!!

you will notice with all of these photos that every detail is so perfect! the makeup is perfect, the hair is perfect and normally the clothing is perfect!

LOVE this photo

DITA VON TEESE is an amazing example of that!!

so for a bit of fun i thought i would do a quick 50's makeover on myself :)


this was literally a 15minute make over and i didnt do my hair....but i had some fun!!

and it made me want to do a photo shoot oneday with proper clothing and props and a couple more girls to re-create a 50's look!

so i studied some of the pictures, and i noticed that a big thing was flawless/pale skin with really strong eyebrows.

as well as very strong/bold lips!! of course!!
this photo i have bold eyeliner but no false eyelashes

this is with the lashes! you can definitely tell the difference!

50's pinup pose :)

Oneday when i get the chance to do a proper photoshoot i want to get a hold of some 50's style clothes and props so that my makeup will look even better!

for example:

they loved their bright colours!

love it!


so there was a trip back in time........a time where makeup, hair and fashion was all about boldness and fine detail and being a true woman and working your femininity...none of this tomboy business!!  :) LOL



going for yet another goal!


yes im a Magpies i dont know all the players names and go to every game etc etc....but my whole family are pretty much MAD collingwood fans and have been for a few generations, so im a proud supporter!!!

Last night (Saturday) i went straight from work to ANZ staduim to watch Collingwood (Melbourne team) play against the Sydney swans!!

now im in sydney, so you can imagine most of the stadium was supporting Sydney (red and white)

and then there was me.....


and yes i screamed my lungs out!!!!!

WE WON!!!!

we also met this cute little girl....Bronty....she took a liking to Emmanuel so her dad plomped her on Emmanuel's lap :) he just adored her!!

she was so cute....i wanted to keep her :)

what a great night we had....i was tired cause i had been up since 5:45am and hadn't been home all day......but thats life hey!!! after the game we hopped on a train....well we actually walked to the train we didnt literally 'hop' :)  LOL

it was freezing last nite so i couldnt wait to get home and put the heater on!!!

hope ur having a great day/nite as your reading this!!

Love HollieD

PS.....become a Collingwood supporter :)  they are the best!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sydney is all lit up :)

Sydney looks really really pretty at the moment because everything is lit up with pretty lights :)

for instance the Opera House has a light show on display on the outside of the entire building...and it changes colour all the time!!!

after work last saturday nite, i met up with Emmanuel in the city and we had dinner together and took a stroll around the are a couple pics from then...

pretty light display on a building wall

me in my uniform :)

i thought this blue lighthouse looked cool with my blue jacket and coral scarf :) lol

shop window

this is my favourite tv channel.....i love the 7 team!!!!

my ultimate dream would to be one of their resident makeup artists!!!!!

i thought this pic was pretty funny!

massive 'geek' store :)  my sis in-law kelly would love this!!!

a beautiful old building......think it was a theatre from memory!

and then we headed home to our warm heater and hot drinks!

winter is so cold in the city!!!
Love HollieD

Monday, June 21, 2010

Beautiful women

What makes a woman beautiful??

i know its such a cliche but it really is her heart and character.

It doesnt matter how beautiful you are on the outside, if you have a horrible/nasty character then you no longer appear so beautiful!!

when i think of beautiful women i firstly think of my mum and her mum (my grandmother).....beautiful women who have hearts of gold (my nan is no longer with us but she will always be a beautiful woman to me). they are women who put everyone else before them and give everything for their families and friends. They go thru life and all that it throws at them and have an amazing abaility to forgive and love the unlovable and unforgivable!! What i love about women like this is the way their characters make the outward even more beautiful.....they always have been gorgeous on the outward, but their characters have added to that even more!!!

now, after all this post a few more posts to come i am going to be focusing on the outward appearance and "outward beauty".......i just didnt want everyone thinking that, that is the only way i judge if a woman is beautiful or not, obviously there is a lot more involved. But, in this generation (in fact prob all of life) outward beauty plays a LARGE part in the way we view people.

so im going to do like a little mini series on women that i think are beautiful based on the outward appearance or something they have achieved.......not to make all women depressed if you feel you dont match up to these women :) LOL......but just for a bit of fun!!

Now i obviously dont know these women at all.....hehehe i wish i knew some of them.....but here are some women that i think are pretty cool or what i would call beautiful!!

My all time favourite!!!!

Sandra Bullock

i think most of you would have to agree that this woman is pretty cool. I LOVE her movies, she manages to crack me up all the time and in her more serious movies ("The Blind Side"-which i loved) she manages to bring a tear to my eye!!

I think she is gorgeous on the outward, she has this kind of natural beauty and big smile that just lights up the screen!! i view her as the type of woman i would love to have as a best friend!!

Another woman i think is just STUNNING is.....................


she is just simply gorgeous!!! i would LOVE to do her makeup.....her face is so beautiful

she has changed her look so much over the last few years which i love!!!

she can do that innocent/sweet look really well, but then can also do that tough rock chick image!!

a very beautiful woman, wouldnt we all agree:)

the last woman for this post that i think is just stunning is.......


i think this woman is so naturally beautiful!!

even without makeup she still looks amazing!!!

i think she has a lot to thank her parents for.....she has good genes!!!!

what i love about Miranda is the fact that she has a brain :)
she is not some dumb model who cant think for herself......when she talks you can tell she is an intelligent woman! i love that she is very much into looking after her body inside and diet/exercise and looking after her skin etc....she has also studied a nutrition course and has her own skincare range!!

Good on her i reckon!!!

yes a very beautiful woman!!!

so there are my first 3 beautiful women!!!

many more to come!!

hop you're having a great day!!

Love HollieD