Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday fever/freezing/dinner!!

Saturday i worked till 6pm and then i got changed and caught a train from Bondi to the was FREEZING......LIKE REALLY REALLY COLD!!!!!!
felt like the coldest night we have had in a most of the photos of me are frozen smiles and glassy eyes :)

the city was packed with people, especially in Darling Harbour where we were because of the Soccer World Cup....they had set up a massive area with a screen...they are playing all the soccer games there and people can basically set themselves up there and watch all the games in a great, cold atmosphere!!
so there were literally people everywhere.....

we were in the city for a birthday dinner...Emmanuel's cousin Nick has a fiance named Connie, and it was her 28th we all met up at Adria bar and grill for a yummy dinner....its a nice place cause its an oudoors restaurant but they have those big heaters everywhere and you can see all of Darling Harbour!!

so here are lots of pictures of Darling Harbour and the big Soccer ball.....and dinner with Emmanel's cousins and partners....

I was freezing!

Darling Harbour

bit blurry

my sexy man :)

yep, im shivering!

Giant soccer ball

and again....

look at those blue and green eyes!! :) lol, think they stand out more when its cold!

part of the restuarant

cousin Jeremy and his g/friend Linda

Emmanuel and Daniel

cousin Isabel and fiance Daniel

cousin Bruno and g/friend Sandra

cousin Chad

Chad and his wife Rita

Birthday girl Connie and her fiance Nick

yum yum :)

some of the gang

Isabel and Emmanuel

soccer on the tv :)

that cake was soooo yummy!!

oh how sweet :)

Jeremy and Linda again!

all of us

so there you have my saturday on a cold winters night!

Lots of Love

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