Friday, June 11, 2010



sounds scary i know.....and its something i would NEVER have worn before, but i believe you can make it work, and not only make it work but make it look really nice and pretty...or dramatic!!

i do believe it looks great on blue eyed people like me because on the colour wheel blue and orange are opposite each other which means they make a great makes blue really stand out!!!

same if you have a little of orange eyeshadow on....the blue in your eye will POP

the key to wearing bold colours like orange lipstick is to keep the eyes simple and pretty, nothing dramatic or you will start to look like a tranny :) hehehe

so this is the colour im testing.....its  MAC lipstick called "Morange".....gorgeous true orange colour!

see how if i keep the rest of my face flawless and clean looking and just keep the lips the main focus its not so scary! and see how my blues eyes stand out more!! the colour wheel is the key.....i love that wheel :)

as i have deep set eyes you cant really see my eyeshadow much anyway.....

now you can start to see my eyeshadow....its simple and soft!

a soft creamy/white gold colour on the inner eye with a soft orange colour on the outer part of my eye as a contour....soft brown liner (not black...keeping it non-dramatic) and some mascara and then filled in my eyebrows!

on my face i have foundation and then some soft blush on my cheekbones and a little bit of highlighter on top of my cheekbones to add a little glow to my face.

see....not so scary after all :)

i would wear this out with pride and not be frightened that i look like a scary person!!!

so go by yourself a nice orange lipstick and wear it with pride!!!

Love HollieD

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