Sunday, June 27, 2010

I love 50's makeup!!!

i really love makeup from the 50's

it is so stylish and classy.....prob a bit over the top for everyday makeup!!! but i love it all the same!!!

you will notice with all of these photos that every detail is so perfect! the makeup is perfect, the hair is perfect and normally the clothing is perfect!

LOVE this photo

DITA VON TEESE is an amazing example of that!!

so for a bit of fun i thought i would do a quick 50's makeover on myself :)


this was literally a 15minute make over and i didnt do my hair....but i had some fun!!

and it made me want to do a photo shoot oneday with proper clothing and props and a couple more girls to re-create a 50's look!

so i studied some of the pictures, and i noticed that a big thing was flawless/pale skin with really strong eyebrows.

as well as very strong/bold lips!! of course!!
this photo i have bold eyeliner but no false eyelashes

this is with the lashes! you can definitely tell the difference!

50's pinup pose :)

Oneday when i get the chance to do a proper photoshoot i want to get a hold of some 50's style clothes and props so that my makeup will look even better!

for example:

they loved their bright colours!

love it!


so there was a trip back in time........a time where makeup, hair and fashion was all about boldness and fine detail and being a true woman and working your femininity...none of this tomboy business!!  :) LOL



  1. Cant wait!! I want to do it :) :) I have extremely pale skin, so for once it could be a good thing haha xx

  2. oh we would have so much fun!! and yeah having pale skin is def a bonus for the 50's makeup!! we have to look after our white skin so we have beautiful skin when we are older!! :)

  3. First, I'm not gay. :D
    But I love 50's makeup and clothes. Am I only boy who likes 50's makeup, clothing (men & women), houses, restaurants, life style...
    I wish I could lived on the 50's.
    And yes, Dita Von Teese is amazing and hot example of the 1950's. :D

  4. hahaha, love how you said "firstly im not gay" lol....i reckon there would be heaps of guys out there that love the 50's...wish i could go back in time for a month or so and see how they lived then!! :)