Monday, July 5, 2010


Doll makeup

Not something you would do for an everyday look....but for a photoshoot or a dress up party, its pretty cool!!

I love the porcelain skin and the cute rosy cheeks....

and i also love the lips and the lower lashes!!!

so once again i thought i would have a try!!  :)

so today i had a day off was freezing outside and i just wanted to stay i did a little 'doll' makeover!

My look is a little softer....rather than a red lip i chose a pink lipstick!

I also didnt do my hair so it isnt very doll-like

But i did use fake lower lashes which were fun!

Bit of fun on a cold/dreary day at home!!

Hope you enjoyed my 'doll-face'

Love HollieD

1 comment:

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