Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More goodies from my job!

Yep, i love going to training with Estee.....cause we always get little goodies...and we are right next the staff shop so i always go have a look at what is on the shelves!

why do we have training?? when we are new we have a 3day product knowledge training, then whenever a new product launch happens we have training....and when we have 'gift with purchase' we have more training.......so last week on thursday i had 1 day of training about new products......

today (tuesday) i was meant to have more training for gift with purchase...but i wasnt very well and couldnt make it :(  bummer cause i missed out on getting more freebies...

but next tuesday i have to got back again for something different :) Yay i say :)

so.........last thursday, this is what i got

a nice eyeshadow and lip gloss....part of a new range of products we have coming out!

and the newly updated Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum.....a really nice eye gel that is great for fine lines/dark circles/ puffiness/ hydration etc etc.....

Plus i got a couple things from the staff shop....

another MAC eyeshadow compact.....love these colours, camera doesnt do them justice!

plus a new lipstick :)

it looks very pink in this photo....but its more of a purple/pinky colour.....i LOVE it!!!

going back to the advanced night repair eye......i also got the face serum last training session in June...

this stuff is AMAZING.....SERIOSULY.....it  is actually Australia's number one anti-ageing serum!!!
but that doesnt mean its for mature skin.....anyone can use it!!!

i use it night and day and i love it!
before bed i take off my makeup with baby wipes then wash my face in warm water with a cloth, i then apply the serum...about the size of a 20cent piece....all over my face (not near my eyes) and down my neck....i give it a few seconds to set in then follow with a moisturiser and my new eye gel.....night and day!!!

what the serum does is it goes into the skin into the cellular level and repairs past damage...while we are sleeping our skin is in a state of rest so its the best time to really be able to repair!! during the day our skin is in an active state so its a good time to protect!!

so night time it is repairing past environmental damage....(ie.damage from pollution, smoke, fumes, sun etc etc as well as stress damage) and during the day it is protecting skin from further damage setting into the skin!!

but even thought the serum is hydrating...you still need a moisturiser on top...just so your skin is getting enough as the serum is not actually a moisturiser!!

so there you have it, some new products i got....plus a little plug for the Advanced Night Repair....Australia's number 1 anti-ageing serum!!!


More products to come!!!

Love HollieD


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