Monday, August 30, 2010


OK, i need some opinions!!

you can be honest, i wont bite!!

Im thinking of changing hair colour.......for now im going to keep my style, eventually i will grow it longer......but not just yet....but im thinking of a change of colour!!!

now.....before we move on.....i need to explain why im thinking this following colour!! no, i dont think i look anything like the woman below.....and no, im not trying to look anything like her (although she is beautiful).......its just i have been thinking of a drastic change, and we both have the same skin tone (cool-pink undertone) and blue eye colour!!! this hair colour really suits pale skin especially cool skin tone ladies!!!!! plus this colour also makes blue eyes POP!!!

so here are some pictures!!!!



can you picture my dark brown hair as orange???

no seriosuly i have never wanted to go 'orange' before....i wanted to go red, like a bright red.....but im leaning towards this because it will suit my skin tone better!!

look at her skin in the pictures....she is pale and 'pinkish' in tone.....and her blue eyes stand out!!

so.....tell me what you think!!! do you think i should do it??

i know it will take more i will only do it if i can follow it up with colours at home (Emmanuel always helps me) :)    and i know that when i have no makeup on i will look VERY pale and prob sickish :)   but when i wear makeup i can prob be quite bold and daring!!

anyways im babbling....please leave comments below...and if you know hairdressers then get them to have a look and leave a comment for

cause i really dont want to regret it, and i dont want to dry my hair out cause then i lose my curls!!!

by the way, man she has BIG boobs :)

think i have left you with enough pics to look at....LOL



Bondi....and 'famous people'

If you want to see some of 'Australia's famous people' then Bondi is the place to be :)

so in the last 5 months that i have worked in Bondi here are some of the people i have seen....and my view of them :)

I spotted Ricki Lee (from Idol fame) shopping for shoes in David Jones

she is very beautiful to look at and has beautiful skin!

the funny woman off the popular t.v show "Talking About Your Generation" Amanda Keller was shopping in the food court...i didn't get a chance to talk to her though

I served Rebecca Breeds from Home and Away a couple months ago....she seemed nice enough, wasn't overly friendly though!

yesterday i was working, and ive become good friends with the girls from Giorgio Armani, so when they get busy i always go over and help them on their i went over and ended up serving the lovely Kate Ritchie.....

SHE WAS ADORABLE....serisously...she kept saying sorry cause she coudnt make up her mind which shade to get in her foundation....and she kept thanking me cause she knew it wasnt my counter but i was still helping her...seriously she is a beautiful woman who seemed very humble and very normal...she had no makeup on at all and i think she was just gorgeous...i would help her out anyday!! and for anyone who wants to know, she purchased Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation in 5.5 and also 6.5.....she uses them for when she is on tv!!! ive heard fantastic things about that foundation so im going to try get a sample and i will do a review on it soon :)

i also served (at the Armani counter again) Jodi Gordan (used to be on Home and Away)

Once again, a lovely, lovely woman....very thankful for me helping her and she just had a sweet personality....and man she has nice teeth :) lol....everyone noticed her beautiful teeth :)
she also got an Armani foundation.....i really Liked Jodi!!!

about 1 month or so ago....i also saw Mat Newton and his girlfriend Rachael Taylor shopping in David Jones....i didnt serve them, but i saw them a few times thru out the was obviously before their big split recently.....each time i saw them they looked bored....they wer'nt really talking and didnt seem close....they couldve just been enjoying their day and in their own little worlds....but from my point of view they just seemed bored!!!

she is a very beautiful girl to look at though!!

when i first started working at Bondi.....i saw this girl walk past me....none other than Hayley Warner from Austalian Idol 2009 (she came 2nd).....she looked like such a skater chick....she was wearing boyish clothes and a beanie!

i didnt talk to her though..she was just walking thru!

also Andrew Johns (from NRL) and his family were shopping in David Jones

a couple months ago i spotted 'King of the Cross' (as in Kings Cross-Sydney), John Ibrahim and his fiance Chelsea shopping....

they were just shopping and he was dressed like a dag :)  his trousers were so baggy you could see his underpants :)

also....Michael Parkinson was walking thru the cosmetic level and you should have seen all the mature aged was soo funny....they were swooning over him, he was the centre of attention and had a charming smile :)

on another note i have also seen Lynne who plays Irene on Home and Away shopping at Sportsgirl oneday when i was there

she was shopping with her daughter for clothes...they were lovely!!!

also Idol winner for 2009 Stan Walker was at my church (Hillsong) and he sang a beautiful song!!

he is a really sweet guy, seems very genuine!!

and lastly (think ive rememberd them all) I spotted Fifi Box in the city walking past me

she was looking very glamourous!!!

oh and lastly....Jarryd Hayne from the Parramatta Eels was at my church!!

so there you have it, come to Sydney and you may just run into some 'famous' people :)

Love HollieD

Friday Night....karaoke!


firstly i got some beautiful flowers off my lovely managers at sportsgirl....cause friday was my last shift :(
that was so sweet of them!!!!

then that nite we had a birthday get-together with family at Nortons on Nortons (bistro) with Karaoke......we had lots of fun!!!


before we went out, with a top i got from looks plain at the front, but the back is long like a duck's tail ;)

Me and Moses (Mo)

Birthday boy Daniel and Isabel

Sandra and Bruno

Nick and Connie

Natalie (the great singer!!) and Chad...(cousins)

cute cuddles

Emmanuel and Daniel

someone singing karaoke!

Isabel stole my camera :) lol

yep!!1 Emmanuel has an olive on his tooth!!!

un-olived :)

more photos

this was some random guy who kept getting up singing....he was hilarious!!!! worst singer, but he really got into it.....made the nite!!!

The guys!



Mo and Chad

yep! they're related! :)

more smiles

birthday boy in middle

me and a horse!

some of  us girls

me and Natalie


bruno and emmanuel singing

bit blurry!! chad and bruno

the 3 cousins.....attempting to sing :)


we had a great nite...lots of fun with family....and lots of laughs listening to people sing!!! and NO i did not get up to sing :) LOL

Lots of Love