Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday-Ella's Birthday!!!

Tuesday 10th August- Luna Park, Dinner and Movies :)

well that was the plan :(

But it was raining and miserable weather!!!!! Noooooooooo!!!!

so we had a nice morning of pancakes for breakfast....well....we used our 'non-stick' pan that i seriously think is no longer 'non-stick' but now 'STICK' :) Hmmmmm interesting pancakes!!!

then we caught a train to the city!!

there we are on the train

birthday girl

sisters :)

once we got to the city, we had luch and a bit of a shopping spree. Its our brother Jake's birthday next week too so we got him some presents!
then we walked to Darling Harbour to catch a water taxi across the harbour to Luna Park (place with fun rides etc..)

only to find out THEY WERE CLOSED!!!!

not happy......

Darling Harbour was wet and cold!!!

mucking around!!

so then we thought we would go to Imax theatre in Darling Harbour and watch the movie Inception......

BUT NO......they were closed to the public for the day as they had a special event happening!!!!!

why is everything shut!!!! this is Sydney not Perth :)

now what to do????

play in the water with Emmanuel and get soaking wet shoes :) lol

so we hung out in the city till late afternoon...then we trained it back to Parramatta and watched Inception at a cinema there!!

what a TRIPPY movie!!! really interesting....kept us on the edge of our seats....was such a different/unusual/clever movie!!!

so we ended up having a fun day...just didnt go to plan!!!
and sometimes that can be a good thing...cause who needs plans hey!! :)


Love always Hollie

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