Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday....i had to say goodbye to my sis :(

saturday was the day that arrived way to quickly.....the day Ella went home!

Me on the way to the airport....i was stuck in the back of the car while Ella and Emmanuel took the front :)

Bit blurry....but there they are in the front....on the way to the airport

Just before Ella boarded the plane......i was ok at this point!!

BUT after she got on the plane and was out of sight....boy did i cry....serisouly i sobbed (i may have been overtired as well)   :) think Emmanuel was getting a little embarrassed :)  firstly he tried to make me laugh to cheer me up and when that didnt work....i think he tried to pretend he wasnt walking with me :)


but seriously i miss my sister so much, i love her lots and lots and lots and i had a great time with her and wish she could come back real soon

if you're reading this Ella, then..........



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