Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blue Dahlia Launch!!

So Estee Lauder have launched a whole new colour story!! I am loving the new colours....they are bold and beautiful!

there is BLUE DAHLIA.....which is bold blues/greys, nudish lips and a black/blue nail polish.....very daring!

so beautiful

this is Tom Pecheux the French makeup artist that has joined with Estee Lauder as creative makeup director....he was behind this makeup launch!

2 of the models that represent Estee Luder

Also a range called Surreal Violet....this is my favourite...its beautiul purples/violets

so so pretty!!

Im addicted to purple this range was made for people like me :)

Im very excited about this makeup it means us Estee girls get to wear whatever black clothes we want and do lots of makeovers for a few days to help launch it!! Lots of fun!!

I also want to show you the face of Estee Lauder cause i think she is just beautiful (yep thats her in pretty much all the pics above)!!!

Hilary Rhoda

she was born in April 1987 in the she is only 23 yrs old!!! crazy!! she looks older! I think she has such a beautiful look about her!

so there you have it....beaufiul new makeup for Estee!!!

hope i can get some for myself soon!!

Love HollieD

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