Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday-lazy day + tax + work dinner!!!

Monday 9th August

Monday was our lazy day :)  we needed a little bit of rest after our busy days and Emmanuel had to work in the morning....so Ella and I had a nice sleep in (spec Ella!!!!)

we had a plumber come and fix a couple of our dripping taps, i had a big tidy up and vacuum......we had pancakes for breakfast and had a nice lazy morning!!

in the afternoon Emmanuel and I had to do out tax.....so we drove 45mins to out tax man...so glad its all done now!!

Monday was not the most exciting day, but it was fun to just chill and hang out and be 'lazy'

Monday night i had an Estee Lauder work dinner/awards night and Emmanuel had basketball......so i went off to my dinner and Ella went off with Emmanuel to Basketball.....

so here is our Bondi team....me, Jennifer and our manager Luke

not very clear photo of us being tools:)

yep!!! thats my psycho/funny manager Luke :)

Luke and our account executive Melanie

me and my good work buddy Jen.....we get on so well...love this gal

Amanda and Luke

more pics!! was a fun nite!!

and more....

guess that says it all :)

so dinner/awards nite was held at a nightclub in the city called Ivy....we hired out one of the rooms...was really pretty there
this was where everyone had drinks before we entered the dinner room
photos really dont do it justice

it was right in the heart of the city....and there is many levels...so lots of pretty balcony's

yep...just cant see it all clearly...trust me its pretty!!

so that was my dinner.....and Emmanuel won basketball!!!

good nite all around!!

Love Hollie+Ella

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