Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just a quick message!!

To any of my friends/family and people i dont even know who are reading my blog.......please feel free to make comments at the end of my posts!!! I love reading your thoughts/comments and it makes me doing this all the more worthwhile!!

Plus....i know there are quite a few people who read my you can also join my 'friends' list and have your own little photo there :)

I would Love to have all your faces on my friends page....and to read all your comments....even the little random ones that i get......I LOVE THEM

Plus...any questions you have...go ahead and ask....or any suggestions for things you want to see in my blog...even makeup ideas/tips!!

Thanks a Million
Lots of Love

SOME CUTE PICTURES I CAME ACROSS 2DAY....they are quite old....some about 4yrs ago!

Ella (sis) and me....about 4yrs ago!!

Gosh we look different!!!

Me and my gorgeous nephew Deklyn

My younger brother (Jake) and Ella

Nephew and Niece...Deklyn and Chelsea

the day i went to school with her, to help her make cupcakes :) so much fun!!

hehehehehehehehehe my favourite photo of my dad!!

My dad has a way of pulling faces in all his photos :) thats my beautiful mum and dad

My older brother (Kane) and his beautiful wife Kelly....think she was pregnant with their 3rd child here (Myra)

and there she is....our little Myra!!!!! so so beautiful!!
wow thats about 2.5 yrs ago now....Myra will be 3 in January

and the most beautiful person on the planet!!! Our grandmother....who passed away a year ago!
Love her to bits!!! i still remember taking this photo!!

I miss my family they live in Perth, Western Australia...and I live here on the East side in Sydney :(

Tell all your family you love them 2day, cause you never know how long you have them for!!

Love me

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  1. Oh my goodness...these pics are so old...I like my hair there...except its not long enough...not really happu with the style i have it you Hollie