Tuesday, March 9, 2010

last 3 days (sat, sun, mon)

Well, i feel like i have been a busy girl.....but not too sure what i have been busy doing :) hahaha

let me re-cap.....saturday i worked......and worked an extra 2 hours because we were so busy and under-staffed.....every woman in sydney must have been shopping that day!!!

this is the bus stop where i catch my bus :)

as you can see it was a little overcast sat morning....this was about 9am

OH....funny story!!! right across the road from the bus stop is this block of units

and the unit on the top right (where that balcony on top is).....well this hilarious woman lives up there....she is so funny....she blast music...i mean blasts so you can literally hear every word from miles away....and she dances.....and yells out at anyone going past, like abuses them......OH MY GOSH THIS LADY CRACKS ME UP......hahahaha, she normally does it of a night, she must tire herslef out so sleeps all day or something...hahahaha....i feel so sorry for the neighbours....i would move out.....i mean Emmanuel and i have been past there on a few occasions late at night and she is still going for it....i wave to her to get her going, she just sings so loud...hahaha

then after work, later that night we decided to go out for dinner with our Italian friend Allesandro. feels like dejavu....cause we only just did that last saturday night..lol....but this time we went to Parramatta to a restuarant on church street, which is basically a street of restuarants and cafes.

this is what Emmanuel and i ordered....i wasnt very hungry because i had a late lunch so we shared.......those big white blobs are Ricotta cheese :)

me eating pizza :)

the restuarant was Italian, of course :) and they had really cool pictures on the walls...this was one of them!!
thats Allesandro in front there...

the guys.....and yes Emmanuel needs a shave......hahaha

so that was my saturday....

sunday was the usual.....Emmanuel and i went to church at Hillsong.....we love going there together on sunday mornings.....

this was out the back of church, well a small section.....some of the people from the service before us were having a BBQ under those umbrellas, and there is the jumping castle for the kiddies and there's a sandpit etc nearby.....i wanted to go join in :)

then we hung out at the Parramatta westfield shopping centre after that and went on the internet to look for rental properties, because we have to move house (Grrrrr...........i dont want to)

and then monday was basically work and Emmanuel had basketball that night!!

so there is a quick update....pretty boring :) lol

will write something more interesting soon


  1. Yay have been waiting for an update!

  2. hahahahaha....and you got a boring one :)