Friday, March 5, 2010


I woke up 2day feeling a bit flat, i do think its the weather :)   (not saying you should let the weather determine your moods, i just think sometimes it does have an effect)

today is a little overcast, then sunny......then overcast etc....

all weekend the forecast says rain and storms :) looks like summer is gone!! im kind of looking forward to
winter, but i really love summer, so give me a month or 2 and i will want summer back!!

view off our back balcony....down below is the carpark and there is the street, you can sorta tell the sky isnt very sunny!!

I dont have any work 2day so i was trying to work out what i wanted to do because i didnt really have any plans! catch a bus and go to the Parramatta shopping centre.....catch a train and head into the city.....or stay home!!

In th end i decided to cook :)  not something i really enjoy, doesnt really come natural to me......but i wanted to make a big lasagne so that i could divide it up and freeze some for Emmanuel for work.....just to save a bit of money on food......sometimes he buys lunch, but man it adds up!!

so.............I have just finished making lasagne.....right now it is in the smells like food.....i have opened all the windows to let some cool fresh air in......

actually looking at it now it doesnt look too appealing :) thats part of my lasagne...

I have blasted the radio and im having a nice lazy day at home!!!

I also got really excited because when i checked the mail, something had arrived for me!!
I am very excited about this....let me explain :)

when i moved to sydney i finally found a magazine i really really like.....its all about Hair and Beauty.......Its by Cosmopolitan but its not their normal cosmo mag, this is one is purely etc.....and i LOVE it.....problem is it doesnt come out very still not entirely sure but i think it comes out once a year :( so when i do get one im very excited............anyway i have 2 of them...issue 7 and 8.....and because i dont think issue 9 comes out till mid-end this year...i looked into getting back orders...i found a site where i could get issue 4, 5 and 6....i cant seem to find 1, 2 and 3.....but at least i can get a few more.....

here are the 2 i already have

and here is the one i got IN THE MAIL TODAY!!!!!

so this is mag number i will eventually order number 5 and 6

seriously its a great mag, there is so much inof on hair, makeup and beauty in general and i just love to sit down with a good mag spec on a day like 2day!!

some makeup love love them :)

hair page

I love it because they also have real women working in their chosen profession and they talk about how they got into the industry and what they love/hate about thier jobs etc.....

and more professionals

seeings im having a day at home i decided to make it a bit of a pamper day......look after skin, hair and read my new mag....just quickly before i go do all that, i want to share a couple quick tips

These are my personal tips im not saying its definitely the best thing ever, but they work for me!!

Firstly if you want the best skin and health in number one tip that i nag everyone about is........


not the best picture.....but you get the idea....this is a 1.5Litre bottle that i fill up in the morning and my goal is to at least drink 2 of them a day which i pretty much do, sometimes i drink best tip for anyone who doesnt really like to start of trying to drink 750ml a day, carry that small bottle in your handbag and maybe do that for 1 week.....then go up to 1litre a day etc etc untill your drinking 2-3 litres a day..i promise your body gets used to it and eventually you actually kinda crave it! its so good for you and your skin will benefit in ways you cant imagine!! yes you may pee a bit more, but its worth it..haha

next tip for skin is.....


i cut it so i could use it and show you what exactly i do and take a photo, but it was too hard and not ripe i will post a photo when it ripens....but basically i get a very small amount and mash it in a bowl....i make sure i have a clean face and i literally rub it all over my face.....till i look like SHREK :)
i know it sounds weird but the natural oils in the avocado are so good for your skin, i put it on and eventually it sets like a mask, you can leave it on for as long as you want...i nomally leave it for an hour or so.....then i just rinse it off with water, rubbing water in as i rinse.....then when my skins clean i apply a small amount of me its good :)

Now....cleansing...i dont normally cleanse because my skin type does better without it....i normally use baby wipes to take off all my makeup...then get a face washer and soak it in warm water (NO SOAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and just cleanse my face that way....but i always moisturise after......Every now and then when im in the shower i will feel like a good face cleanse so this is when i use the best cleanser ever....CETAPHYL. One mistake women make with cleansers is they get ones that have AHA's in them....these are Alpha Hydroxy Acids...(think i spelt that right) basically its a type of acid that is not good on your skin so if you are are washing your face everyday in this stuff you are prob doing more damage than good....always check the ingredients list and if it has this present, i would suggest you change...also a lot of face scrubs have this cleanser CETAPHYL is a really good one because it has no AHA's and it cleanses really well....i would suggest it to Australia's top makeup artist-Rae Morris also suggests it :)

its cheap too...should be able to get it from Target or Kmart or maybe even the supermarket!

For hair, i would suggest the  Kerastase range...its brilliant stuff......i dont have a specific shampoo that i love, i just change each time the bottle finishes...but im very fussy about the conditioner...i used to have blonde hair that ended up snapping and going so dry and i lost ALL my i chopped it off, went dark and started to take real good care of it! the picture below shows a container that is cream with an orange lid, its actually a treatment...its brilliant...i use the one for thick hair and number 3 which is for very dry hair....
basically i shampoo my hair twice (1st wash brings dirt to the surface, 2nd washes all the dirt follow this and it will stay clean for longer, you wont have to wash it so often!!) then instead of using a conditioner, i use the treatment as one....i leave it in for about 5 mins then wash it out....i then scrunch a very small amount in my wet hair and leave it in, i can get away with it because i have curly hair!!! promise if you want helathier hair to try this stuff!!! Since going darker, shorter and using these product my hair has been much healthier!!

not very clear picture, but this is th treatment!!

Well....its now raining.....Lasagne is all done and out of the going to go do the dishes, have a shower and wash my hair and then read my new im now leaving you all :)
its 1:46pm, cant believe the time!!!

Lots of love
More tips to come
Love me
Hollie D

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