Monday, March 22, 2010

Its good to know where you come from....

I came into this world in a beautiful state of Australia called TASMANIA.....

There are a lot of jokes about 'Tassie', as Australians fondly call the Island, these jokes are normally because they say Tassie is a whole separate country and isnt part of Australia :) but its all jokes....when you look at the map of Australia, there is the 'mainland' the big main part of Aus, then there is the island directly below the state of Victoria known as Tasmania...and although it doesnt look like it is connected to the definitely is a part of Australia!!!

see there it is....right at the bottom of this map of Australia :) thats the island i was born on and continued to live for the first 20yrs of my life....i then moved to Perth (Western side of Aus)....on the left of the map towards the bottom, right on the coast line....then at 22.5yrs of age i moved to Sydney (Eastern coast of Aus)......i have lived in beautiful parts of Australia.......but thats another whole story....this post is all about beautiful Tasmania....

so here it is...the island at the bottom of Australia....see the part near the top that says Launceston?? there is a river running right in...thats where i lived. The place called Hobart right down the bottom is the capital of Tasmania. I will be honest with you, i actually havnt seen a lot of where i lived for 20yrs!!! sad hey, sometimes you get so caught up in life and routine and school or work that you neglect the beautiful places around need time out from 'life' and need to go exploring, thst one thing i wish i did more of all those yrs i lived there!!

im going to paste a whole bunch of photos of Tasmania in no particular order....some are from Launceston and others are just random shots from around the Island....hope you too can see the beauty that is there!!

no i dont know this guy...just thought it was a cool pic :) LOL



seriously i miss it so much, i havnt been back there since i moved to Western im hoping to go back there sometime this year and show my hubby where i grew up and the different houses i lived in and the schools i went to etc...Emmanuel has never been there so he would love to plan a trip!!

Tassie is quite diverse, it has beaches, rainforests, farms, little towns, shopping areas, mountains, valleys, snow etc gets really cold in winter (freezing i reckon) and summers are mild, not that hot compared to other parts of thing though, sometimes you can feel a little isolated on the island, like you feel far from the rest of Australia....Tassie is more country/rural.....rather than big citys and sky scrapers :)

Im proud to be Australian and im proud to be Tasmanian.....even though it does have a few down points, it is a beautiful state, and a great place to be as kids growing up or to retire in your older age!!!

I miss my beautiful Tassie..........I encourage anyone to go there on a holiday and hv a look around for yourself...if you go in winter then rug up real good :)

Hv a great day/nite
Love HollieD

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