Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Excellence is not an act but a habit. The things you do the most are the things you will do the best."

just a quote i like!!

Just a quick update........we applied for 2 units on saturday but sadly didnt get either of them :(

so still on the hunt for a rental property....we have a few more to look at that seem like they will be nice so im being positive :) lol

Also 2mrw at 10:00am i have an interview in the city with Estee Lauder!!!!!! I love their makeup so i really hope i get the job!! that would be awesome!!

AND, the big news for 2day....Emmanuel's cousin and his wife had a little baby 2day....yep a little baby boy they name Hendrix!!
so Emmanuel and I got them a present (well its for little Hendrix), and seeings all the family are Canterbury Bulldogs fans (mad mad footy supporters) we got little Hendrix his own Doggies now he has joined the team :)

cant wait to give it to him :)

On another note, i ate some yummy yummy cookies the other day and had to tell you about them cause they are so good!!!
the companies name is Mrs.Fields and you have probably heard of them...i LOVE their cookies....after work the other day i stumbled across their shop near where i work (think they recently opened up there) so instead of getting 1 large cookie (cause didnt want too much), i got 5 little ones so i could share some with Emmanuel when i got home......hehehehe....yeah right, i ate them all on the bus!!!! LOL

it looks really big in this picture!!! they were only small...i promise :)

but yeah they are so good!!!

Another note, Monday nite Emmanuel played basketball and his team won

Random guys mucking around on the courts before the game!

Saturday night we went to a joined birthday for Daniella who turned 36 and Carly who turned are some random pics of the nite

Allesandro and Emmanuel......we hang out with this guy nearly every weekend!! :)

Carly (birthday girl-17th) and me

the other birthday girl, Daniella and her husband Arthur

Allesandro and Reno (nephew and uncle)
Allesandro has recently moved from Italy to Sydney to live!

Mark and Joanne

Mark and Emmanuel

Reno, i love this guy, he is like a father figure to me in Sydney.....My Italian friend :)

me and Reno

the guys

Reno and Emmanuel

so there you have it, some happy snaps of a fun nite
There was HEAPS more people there, but that was just a few of the photos!!

Have a great day/night, whatever time it is when you read this!!!

Love HollieD

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