Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grey eyeshadow.....

I love eyeshadow, i really do. I dont wear it everyday, but sometimes when i feel like it i will try something different!
Because im quite fair skinned i have to be careful when it comes to black can end up looking quite harsh against my white skin...its ok as a liner or in the outer part of my eyelid as a contour or in the crease etc, but full on black smokey eye can really wash me out unless i have a nice tan :)

so my alternative is GREY.........grey eyeshadow can look fantastic, either matched with another colour or as a grey smokey eye....its not so harsh against my skin colour...

another problem i tend to have is deep-set eyes. By that i mean my eyeballs are set back quite far in my face :) lol that sounds funny....but its true, i have quite a structured face as in you can notice bones like cheekbones etc...but also my brow bone is quite strong, so its sits out futher than my eyes.....therefore you cant see a lot of my eyelid space unless i look down, my eyes are shut or you are looking side on to my face! does that make sense?? lol

Fifi Box from Sydney Australia
just an can see Fifi's innner corner of her eye...see how you can see some of her eyelid, but then the outer part of her eye...her brow bone is protruding....they are deep-set eyes! By the way i really like Fifi, im not mocking her at all ( I have the same sorta eyes)....deep-set eyes dont have to be a 'problem' or seen as a bad thing, there are ways to work around it :)

same when you look at Jennifer....she has really deep set eyes, you cant really see her eyelids....

on the other hand...

take a look at Jessica Alba's eyes, you can actually see her if she had a bright purple on, you would be able to see it quite clearly...but on me you wouldnt see it so much (thats why there are different tricks, like extending the colour out a bit further etc..)

Beyonce has so much eyelid space to work so jealous :) hahaha

deep-set eyes are quite commen. Plus mine are slightly close-set ( a way to check is; the size of your eye should fit in between both your eyes....mine doesnt fit so mine are close set eyes....if it would fit plus more then that means your eyes are quite far apart) because mine are also close set i have to make sure i dont have really dark colours in the corners of my eyes (near my nose)...dark colours make it more obvious whereas light colours (ie-white,silver or light shades of colour etc etc) can really open my eyes up......

If you have close set eyes
1.leave darker colours to outer part of your eye and in the crease (or as liner etc)
2. dont place dark colours near the corners of your eyes (near nose) as this will make the problem worse, it will make your eyes appear like they are even closer than they are!
3. use light colours in the inner corners (near nose), it will instantly open up and 'awaken' you eyes...

If your eyes are set quite far apart
you can still do all of the above, but you have a bit more freedom because you can use dark shadows all over your eyelid fact using dark colours just on the outer part of the eye (near sides of your face) can make your eyes appear further you can go ahead and put dark colours in the inner corner of eye!! are a couple pics of some simple grey eyeshadow (let me just say eventually i want to get a really good quality camera, mine is just average....)
i have grey eyeshadow on my lids, plus a pale white/gold on the inner corner to brighten it up a camera didnt really bring out the colours as well as i wouldve liked :(
i also blended the grey out with a skin colour eyeshadow....

a few pics just for fun....

There you have a little lesson on eyes :)

have a great day/night

love HollieD


  1. This is great eyes are so small and my eyelids are virtually invisible. This has helped :) xxxx

  2. oh im so glad Ames :) plus remember when we are looking in the mirror straight on we cant see our eyelids much....but during the day when we are talking, looking around etc etc...people see so much more than we do, so to us our eyeshadow mite seem invisible but others can see all the effort we put in...LOL....know what i its not as bad as it seems!! xxxx