Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beautiful Sydney

You know i beleive that i have lived in some of the most beautiful places in Australia....and i also believe that Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.......therefore I am VERY BLESSED :)

Thursday just gone i had to meet up with 2 ladies in the city at a coffee shop on Kent street.....these 2 lovely ladies just happened to work for Estee Lauder the massive makeup company!! I love Estee Lauder, just ask my mum :) I really do love their makeup and have always wanted to work for either them or Mac......a bonus is the fact that Estee Lauder owns a whole bunch of perfume and makeup of them being i thought if i work for EL then oneday it may just open the door to also work for MAC.....well thats my thinking :) i had an interview in beautiful Sydney city for a position as a makeup artist in their Bondi/David Jones store!! It isnt a full time position but its part time.....Bondi is quite far from my home  so i would also have to catch 2 trains to get to work and 2 home (maybe even a bus trip added on).....but I am more than willing to do all that cause i want the its a selling job cause its retail but i would gain experience and get lots of free training and PRODUCTS :) YAY :)

so, im just waiting to hear back now....we shall see...

after the interview i had a couple hours to kill before i could meet up with my gorgeous hubby on his lunch break (he works on a construction site right in the harbour of Sydney-Darling harbour...its in the city of course).....
during this time i just really started to be thankful for where i live......Sydney is just gorgeous!! it was a sunny day and i went a bit snap happy :)

so here are a few pictures of the city I live in...i wont add all of them cause i took over 30....and it was mainly Darling Harbour rather than in the shopping areas....there was probably lots of beautiful pictures i missed out on...but i couldnt be bothered walking Everywhere!!! :)

city is behind me and im hading down to Darling Harbour....there's a little coffee shop here where a lot of the business workers have lunch etc....well actually there are coffee shops/care's everywhere :)

that was above me...the Mono Rail


yeah my camera isnt great by any means...but this is Centrepoint Tower....there is a revolving restuarant up the top....and there is also an area where there are massive binoculars and you can zoom in and see ppl walking or reading in the park etc...its really cool :)


random buildings


i havnt been to this place yet....but the aquarium is next to it and i have been there....its really cool!!

Boat you can have dinner on etc....oneday :)

love this water thing :)

I saw this movie...trippy business :)

lots of little 'tourist' trains

Love old buildings

South Africans promoting the world cup!!
they did cool dances :)

beautiful Opera house

this was taken one night when i went out for dinner!

So there you have it....Sydney :)

Have a great day/night

Love me

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