Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My hair cut!!

Yes thats my haircut....its the same as what i had done christmas time...just a bit shorter, cause im lazy and want my style to last longer between cuts....i pretty much get my hair done every 3months, if it was longer i wouldnt care, but with a short hairstyle you kinda have to get it done more often, spec my hair when its turns into a mop!! :)
by the way, in sydney is cold and wet face the entire weeks forecast is rain!!! when i say cold, its the early 20's :) thats prob not cold to tassie ppl!! :)

more of my hair......

and more.....

Emmanuel took this one, and he was making me laugh!!

so thats my short hair....shortest i have EVER had my hair cut!!! plus it looks totally different cause its straight! i dont ever straighten my hair cause im really fussy about having healthy hair so i dont like using my GHD too much......i dont even blow dry my hair, i just scrunch it with gel, let it dry naturally and then sleep on it and i wake up with curly hair!! I feel weird with straight feels flat :)
whenever i get my hair done i let them straighten it for a change!

well im off to watch the biggest loser....and then so you think you can dance :) good shows!!
2mrw im working i mite have an early night cause i have been getting 5 hour shifts lately, a 9hour one mite be a shock to the system...hahaha

oh, and 2day we went to look for work for emmanuel...we parked in a car park and when we got back we had an $84 parking fine because we didnt read the sign properly!!! annoying!!!

have a great night!!!
Love HollieD and my new hair :)

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