Monday, April 18, 2011

Undercut hairstyle....think Rihanna and Ruby Rose :)

I have been looking at photos of Ruby Rose (Australian MTV presenter) and also Rihanna due to loving their hairstyles!!

I saw a photo of a lady with an undercut hairstyle that i loved, so it got me researching.....

I love so many different hairstyles....from the really long to the really short and a lot of them i have probably had myself at some stage! I have had really long curly hair to a short concave bob with one side longer than the other....ive been my natural light brown colour....then some blonde streaks added....slowly going to an all over blonde! then brunette again....then dark brunette close to a dark chocolate/black.....then red then copper/red!!!!

I love changing my hairstyle to reflect how i feel inside....the more confident  i feel, the more adventurous i get with my hairstyle!

so, lately ive been thinking of getting an undercut on one side of my head and keeping the other side to my chin and going a bright copper colour!

I LOVE Ruby Rose' hairstyles!!

this is her with Australian model Jennifer Hawkins

this photo was a big inspiration to me....and i love how rihnanna has kept the shaved part in a different colour to the rest! looks FIERCE!

how cool is Rihanna.....i love her!!!

so after thinking about it for 4 days only :)    (hehehehehehe, no wasting time with me), i took the plunge and got my first ever undercut and went a bright copper/orange colour!

HI   :)

makes my blue eyes stand out now!

the right side reaches my chin and the left side now has an undercut!!

here in the mirror you can see how far i got it shaved! i kept the shaved section as my natural hair colour!

now these are just some pics on my going to style it differently over the next week or 2 and i want to try and curl it there will be lots of photos to come! plus with different makeup looks at work!!

overall im loving's something different and fun and a very confident hairstyle!! the day i decide to grow it is going to be a long journey :) hahahahaha.

but yes im very happy and i feel even more confident with this look!

Lots of love
the undercut HollieDee

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