Wednesday, April 27, 2011

52nd Annual Grammy Awards 2011

I was looking thru some websites and looking at fashion and i realised that i didnt do a post on the last Grammy here it is :)

I love looking at fashion and everyone's unique style.....even the crazy Gaga :)

VERY unique is this lady :)

nice dress but i actually think it would have looked nicer a little bit longer!

I love this mermaid style dress....looks good in wedding dresses too!!

Jay-Z scrubs up nicely :) hahaha

i find this dress a bit boring on Britney....maybe its cause she is sitting in this photo....but at least she isn't flashing everything :)

I don't particularly like this dress!

this dress suits Katy Perry, im just not a fan of it for anyone else!

gorgeous looking couple!!

Rihanna is so hot....i think this woman is so gorgeous!!

Taylor Swift always looks so elegant!!

I love this husband thought it looked like a bird :) but i LOVE it!!

lil trashy the pair of them :)

this is part elegant part interests me!

How gorgeous is Celine Dion....she looks AMAZING for her age and always looks stunning!!

Oh how i wish i could live 1 day in their shoes! I'm a big believer in never wishing you had someone else's life and appreciating what you have....but i would love to live like a star for a week or 2...or even a month :)

Just to have a stylist, personal hairdresser and makeup go to awards nights and live in a massive house with a nice shiny car :) and to go shopping like mad and have all the facials and massages i want.....and to go on a holiday somewhere exotic.....gosh i might need more than 1 month to do all this :)

Love always

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