Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why I love working for M.A.C

I have been working for M.A.C now for 3 weeks and im really loving it!!

I work full time...38 hours a week, tuesday-saturday. The store i work at is the biggest one in Australia and it gets very busy! Fridays and Saturdays get really busy for us as most people book in on those days to get their makeup done for special events being held on the weekend or for going clubbing and to party's!

We charge a $95 deposit when booking a makeup that is redeemable on product on the day. the makeup usually takes 45mins to 1 hour! On saturdays there can be about 9 of us working at once...some of us busy with makeup bookings while the others serve all the customers...sometimes we can barely move in the store just to open drawers and cuboards to get stock out, gets a bit squishy :)

I love the fact that we are busy...there is always a vibrant/fun atmosphere....sure there are stressful/tense moments like with any job....but we have a great team and we have a great time. Doing something we are all passionate about really helps!

Things im really loving are; learning new tips/tricks and watching other artists to pick up new ideas....I'm constantly stretching myself as an artist and making myself face my fears on a daily basis...sometimes i can get a lil nervous when it comes to something im not very confident about, but ive learnt that in those moments the best thing to do is face it head on and just practice, practice, practice untill it becomes second nature!!

I love that we have theme days!! every saturday one of us gets to come up with our own makeup look for the rest of the team and do up a face chart to follow...then all of us come into work about 45 minutes before we start and we do our makeup so we all look exactly the same! I love it because it teaches me new the future i will take more photos of our looks and post them for some fun!! here are a couple pictures of yesterdays theme day! It is hard to see in the photos but we had colourful purple/blue eyes with false lashes.....bright pink under our eyes and hot pink Lady Gaga was a really fun look, but the photos dont do it justice!

me and Joanne one of my lovely work mates, while we were getting ready

posing :)

also on some thursdays we have Viva Glam theme days.....Viva Glam is a range of lipsticks that M.A.C has, where all the proceeds of the sale go towards the aids fund! people like Lady Gaga and Cindy Lauper have teamed up with MAC to bring out some lipsticks for this great cause! When we do the Viva Glam theme days, we wear a white t.shirt with a picture of Lady Gaga on the front and we really try to get as many lipstick sales for this cause!!

Basically im having a lot of fun and learning lots!!

More pictures to come in the future!!

Love always,

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