Monday, March 28, 2011

Winged Eyeliner

I cant believe that i have never actually worn winged eyeliner?!?!?!?!?!?!

honestly....i dont remember doing it in makeup school, we definitely wern't taught it, and since then i have never worn it on myself therefore have never practiced it!!

strange considering i have been doing makeup for a couple years and have worked for Estee Lauder and now M.A.C.....and have NEVER done a winged eyeliner!! :)

anyways, one thing i do struggle with in makeup and def need more practice with is can still make me nervous when i do someone's makeup and i get to the eyeliner part!!

whether it is with pencil, gel, liquid or by using eyeshadow....its my achiles heel :)

so therefore....the only way to overcome it is to practice, practice, practice!!

one thing working for MAC has done for me, is highlight where i need improvement, so then on my days off i have chosen to study and practice areas that need improvement untill they become second nature.....i dont mean spend all day doing it....just a little bit of time during my day :)

so today it was time to do my first "winged" eyeliner (cat eyeliner)

one thing i learnt was to follow my bottom lash line upwards till i had it as long as i want....then connect it to my top lash line so it made the shape of a triangle....then fill it can always search for it on youtube, and they can explain it better!

everyone has such different shapes and sized eyes so you need to tailor it to your eyes!

there you have first ever winged eyeliner!!

im still spun out that i have never gone out with this look!!
i'm going to do my makeup like this next time i go out for dinner somewhere for a more dramatic look!

oh, and by the way im wearing the new M.A.C Lady Gaga lipgloss...its a nice nude colour!

Love always

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