Saturday, March 5, 2011

Urban Decay NYC palette

I have never actually purchased anything from Urban Decay before, and i only really heard about them about 2 years ago thru watching various makeup tutorials on Youtube!

As far as i know, they arn't really available in Australia unless you purchase online...but i have heard that their makeup is fantasic and very modern (kinda similar to MAC)

i have been paying attention to some of their launches and when they bring out Palettes of eyeshadows as i find them quite fun!

when the movie 'Alice In Wonderland' came out last year, they bought out a palette for it that i loved but never got to purchase!

I love how they make them like books with pop out pictures and a little drawer of cool!!
can you see Alice there in the land of the giant mushrooms :)

One thing i realised about them is that due to the size and the fact that they are like a pop out book, its prob something you would use on more of a personal use at home on yourself or friends etc...rather than taking it to makeup jobs so you dont damage it! I certainly wouldnt want to travel around with this....

anyway, i recently saw a New York City palette they bought out so i thought it was finally time i tried something form Urban Decay

What i love about this palette is the fact that there is lights in the pop up city....its soooo cute!

I recieved this in the mail on the day i had the interview with MAC, so it was a nice ending to the day :)

The colours are GORGEOUS and SUPER pigmented!!! you only need a little bit of colour and you can have gorgeous colourful smokey eyes!
I LOVE i loved how there was some really bright purple/blue/green and gold/bronze as well as some more muted colours to blend it with!

you also get a small primer potion (eye primer) and 2 eye pencils (black and purple)

the one thing i didnt like so much about some of the colours (not all), was the glitter factor! a few of the colours have little chunks of glitter and im not so much into that! Sure a little pop of glitter here and there is nice, but i dont like too much i noticed thru out the day i had tiny flecks of glitter on my cheeks, even though i did all my eye makeup first and then did my foundation etc...i still managed to have glitter on my face :)

Overall i really do love the NYC palette!! and i will definitely buy from them in the future....their eye primer was good but i prefer the Two Faced shadow insurance primer more, (two faced is a separate brand) and the eye pencils are good, nothing overly special but nothing wrong with them!! My favourite part is the eyeshadow variety and also the pop up city and lights!

Hope you like my little review
Have a great day!

Love HollieDee

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