Monday, March 28, 2011

Sat 26th March 2011....Mexicana!!!!

Saturday night we had a suprise party for one of Emmanuel's cousins girlfriend (Linda). She was turning 25 so Jeremy (her boyfriend) and Linda's family organised a big surpise party for about 65 people at a Mexican restuarant in the city called Cafe Pacifico....we had such a great night!!

at the entrance! I had just finished work for the was still in my work clothes...i had been up since 5:50am (sat) and didnt get home again till about 1am the next i crashed into bed when i got home :)

Emmanuel's uncle John...he has one of those party whistle things in his mouth :)

me dancing with my maraca

we had a lot of fun, and the staff there were awesome...they threw streamers everywhere and made it a real party atmosphere!!

some of the cousins

Sandra :)

Emmanuel's aunty :)

the birthday girl Linda...and her boyfriend Jeremy :)

we all had a great night and enjoyed the hot Mexican food

hope you had a great weekend!

Love always

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