Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yay for more goodies :)

Can i possibly be more spoilt from my job??

i seriously love it when i go for training...and i get to visit the staff shop next to the training centre....and then when we launch something new....cause i seem to get lots of goodies!!!

Last Tuesday i went to was all about our 'Re-nutriv' range....which is our skincare and also makeup range that is in the luxury category!!! it is more expensive but the products are beautiful!! they have sourced ingredients from around the world like crushed south sea pearls, elemental gold, wolfberry, Sea Whip extract (soothes and protects skin), Lady's thistle extract (a botanical extract that helps to keep skin more plump, firmer and more lifted), Reishi mushroom (rich in minerals), waters from the deep sea in Hawaii etc etc etc....seriosuly though these products are beautiful....i LOVE them!! and the foundation has crushed gems in them that reflect and play with light to give the skina real dewy texture!! we were learning all about these amazing products...we aso got an eye cream given to us from the ' UltimateYouth' range

the Ultimate Youth range is one that prolongs youth! so for an 80 yr old there probably is no use for them....but someone that still has some youth....this stuff is the bomb :)

so thats the eye cream

i will do a post soon on some other ranges, cause i really do think they are good products!!

this isnt from training...this is a discontinued blush that i loved so it was given to me!

It's also 'Gift with purchase' time in David Jones at the if you spend over $75 you get all this for free..........
plus you also get a serum that goes underneath your moisturiser....the great thing about this gift is you get to choose everything!! there are 4 moisturisers and you can choos 1....3 serums and you choose 1, you choose a warm or cool lipstick, gloss and eyeshadow pallette  and you get a mascara and a really cute bag!!!
and i get it all for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

this is the cool eyeshadow pallete......pinks and purples etc...the warm one is more browns/greens and neutral colours.

i also got this from the staff shop....they are Bobbi Brown eyeshadows...they are really pretty!!

I LOVE that gold colour...great to make Blue eyes POP!!

plus i got this MAC pallete...that im LOVING...gorgeous colours....wish i could wear it more often!!! but cause we are in gift time at work i have to wear the cool or warm colours to promote them (plus im not really meant to wear other brands to work unless we have the same colours) :)

this is actually a really true purple colour from MAC that i loved and was really looks pink in this photo!!


about twice a year we get to spend up to about $450 on any Estee product we want and it gets sent to our home!! but it takes roughly 2-3months to be processed :)

plus if they dont have it in stock you have to re-order that item......i was wondering where all my stuff was as i recieved the receipt in the mail but no last week i enquired and found out that if we arnt home when they deliver them...they get sent back to the warehouse!!!  :) so all that time they have just been sitting in a box on the ground....wating for me to come and get

but i am so happy to finally get them....bummer though the coral colour lipstick and also the red one they didnt have im missing 2 lipsticks!!

this is double wear 'light' makeup....i LOVE this stuff...the normal double wear makeup is meduim to full coverage but this one is sheer to meduim.....and i find this shade matches me better than the one in the normal double wear! but they are both amazing foundations!!! best i have ever used...they are oil free so they literally last all day long and dont move...i have customers that wear them to the gym and its still on perfectly at the end :) you just have to make sure you get it of good at the end of the day and moisturise well so it doesnt dry you out in winter!!!

really good translucent powder for over foundation for any oily spots on the face....this is called 'Aeromatte' powder.

Oh i love makeup :)
this is an eyeshadow pinks/purples....girly colours :)............and this lipstick is THE BEST EVER LIPSICK I HAVE EVER FOUND!!!! no joke its my fav....its a 'signature' lipstick which stays on well but is creamy so doesnt dry you out....its number 52, called BRILLIANT PINK....and seriously its brilliant!!
and that creamy coloured stick is the 'double wear concealer'.....once again, anything called double wear literally last all day!! this is the best looks great for dark circles under the eye as well as blemishes!! a really great concealer!!

and a really great 'day' moisturiser!! its a protection one that also has spf 15.....and smells really fresh like cuccumber....great for everyday use!!

so am i a lucky girl or what???


all that in one week!!!!!!!!!!

hahahah...see why i love my job, i get bonuses like if i make target for the month, i get commision in my pay, and if our counter makes target as a whole group...i get even more commision.....finally im in a job i love and want to stay in for a long long time :)

Love from a very content woman

Friday, July 23, 2010

Jess my childhood friend

My day with Jess....a dear friend of mine from when i was little till about 17yrs old....then we parted ways about 7 years ago when she moved from Tasmania to live in Brisbane, and soon after that i moved to Perth and then Sydney!!!

so on a beautiful winters day in Sydney (friday) we finally got to meet up again after all those years and have a nice catch up....was really nice to see was as though we had always seen each other!! it felt normal and nice and we had lots to catch up on!!!

Jess on left with a friend of hers from Brisbane

Jess and me

Jess and her friend

view from the Opera house

we took an hour long boat ride...had a really nice tour on the water

the sky looked awesome!!!

I had a fantastic day....was great reminising about when we were young and used to play barbies :)

we are def going to try and visit each other a bit more often :)

Love HollieD

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More goodies from my job!

Yep, i love going to training with Estee.....cause we always get little goodies...and we are right next the staff shop so i always go have a look at what is on the shelves!

why do we have training?? when we are new we have a 3day product knowledge training, then whenever a new product launch happens we have training....and when we have 'gift with purchase' we have more last week on thursday i had 1 day of training about new products......

today (tuesday) i was meant to have more training for gift with purchase...but i wasnt very well and couldnt make it :(  bummer cause i missed out on getting more freebies...

but next tuesday i have to got back again for something different :) Yay i say :)

so.........last thursday, this is what i got

a nice eyeshadow and lip gloss....part of a new range of products we have coming out!

and the newly updated Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum.....a really nice eye gel that is great for fine lines/dark circles/ puffiness/ hydration etc etc.....

Plus i got a couple things from the staff shop....

another MAC eyeshadow these colours, camera doesnt do them justice!

plus a new lipstick :)

it looks very pink in this photo....but its more of a purple/pinky colour.....i LOVE it!!!

going back to the advanced night repair eye......i also got the face serum last training session in June...

this stuff is  is actually Australia's number one anti-ageing serum!!!
but that doesnt mean its for mature skin.....anyone can use it!!!

i use it night and day and i love it!
before bed i take off my makeup with baby wipes then wash my face in warm water with a cloth, i then apply the serum...about the size of a 20cent piece....all over my face (not near my eyes) and down my neck....i give it a few seconds to set in then follow with a moisturiser and my new eye gel.....night and day!!!

what the serum does is it goes into the skin into the cellular level and repairs past damage...while we are sleeping our skin is in a state of rest so its the best time to really be able to repair!! during the day our skin is in an active state so its a good time to protect!!

so night time it is repairing past environmental damage....(ie.damage from pollution, smoke, fumes, sun etc etc as well as stress damage) and during the day it is protecting skin from further damage setting into the skin!!

but even thought the serum is still need a moisturiser on top...just so your skin is getting enough as the serum is not actually a moisturiser!!

so there you have it, some new products i a little plug for the Advanced Night Repair....Australia's number 1 anti-ageing serum!!!


More products to come!!!

Love HollieD


Beautiful women part 2

This is my part 2 on beautiful women.....women that i think are just gorgeous on the outside (and prob on the inside)

as i stated in the last "beautiful women" post, the outward appearance is not how i judge whether someone is of value or not!!!!! A persons character and morals far outway whether they are outwardly attractive!! BUT, this post is all about women that i find beautiful......i dont personally know these women (i wish), but these women are very attractive and have probably achieved great things!



I really do think this woman is very very lucky to be as beautiful as she is!!!

i really love thick, long hair....spec if its curly....i really do love Shakira's hair!!!

I LOVE that she is womanly....she has beautiful thick/curly hair and a curvy body!!

and i actually love her voice....i know a lot of people that cant stand her songs....and yeah i agree some of them are pretty dumb :)  but her voice is unusual and unique and i really like that, someone just needs to write her some good songs :)

Another woman that is quite similar is........


Once again a womanly figure

and beautiful thick hair :)

unusual fashion choices :)

no but seriously i would LOVE to raid her wardrobe!!

and go to the hoilday destinations she can afford :)

and attend the OSCARS and every other awards show she goes to :)

wouldnt it be fun to trade lives just for a month......i would never want to wish i was someone else or trade my life for good.....def not......but just to see how the 'stars' live for a few weeks would be fun!! dont you agree?? :)


Last for this an Aussie :)
actually she is from Perth Western Australia......and she is dating a very funny guy (Andy, from the Hamish and Andy show)


yep....she is ours :)

I love that she is a model (actually 'was' a model, i think she does more business things now).....but she isnt stick thin....she still has a womanly body!!

there she is with her FUNNY boyfriend :)

so there you have my 'beautiful women' post

have i said 'beautiful women' enough :)

Have a great day
Love HollieD