Friday, October 1, 2010

Red Head :)

So i finally took the plunge!!
for quite some time now...(.in fact i first thought of going red back in about March)...i have been contemplating the big change for a long time now...i was worried i would regret it, or it would fry my hair cause they would have to strip the dark chocolate colour first!!
i had been thinking and thinking and thinking.....

and now finally i did something about it :)

so they stripped the dark chocolate out and then coloured it red....its actually mix of copper and a purple colour to get the colour i wanted!!

when i first walked out of the hair salon, i looked fluro...cause it was really sunny here in Sydney...and it looked so bright...but im really happy with it now!! i cant wash it for over 48 hours just to let it really set in my the moment the roots are quite bright and that will settle after the 1st wash...but i actually dont mind the bright roots!!

im happy with it and my hairdresser!! she has gotten to know me since i started goign to her last christmas...she knows im fair and have a cool skin tone, so she helped pick the right colour to match that!  im really glad she did the colour!!

there i am in pyjama bottoms :) lol....Emmanuel took this photo!!

so i am now a red head!!!

im very happy i finally did it....i will see how it goes over the next few weeks...i only wash my hair about twice a week...and i will use a red shampoo to help it last longer!!

but yes im glad i took the plunge!!!

now Emmanuel calls me a fiery red head (i think he means fiery when i get bossy or angry) lol

Lots of Love

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