Wednesday, September 22, 2010

International Make-up Artist Trade Show (IMATS)

I had a great time at IMATS on the weekend!!

it was so worth going and i had lots of fun with some friends!!

IMATS is basically a trade show that they have in L.A, Toronto, London, New York, Vancouver and now SYDNEY :) yay!!!

its for makeup artists to go and meet up with other makeup artists, listen to different talks and demonstrations and also to buy some awesome top brand products at discounted prices!!

its only been in Sydney for 2 years now, so i was really happy to be able to go!!

this is the makeup artists from the The Pacific!! they won an Emmy for their work!!

was really good to listen to some 'Aussies' who are making it in the make-up industry

Body painting!! was awesome!!

the model is standing in front of a board of wall paper and the artist is making her blend into it by doing the same design on her body!!

Rae Morris (one of Australia's top Make-up artists) and me.....this woman is one of my idols :) lol

and this is her latest book that she is launching in so lucky to have one early!! its a great book!!

forgot to tell her my name is with 'ie' not a 'y'  :)

anyway here is a sneak peak of her latest book that im loving!!

these eye colour charts are great....the big boxes at the top are your eye your either a warm blue like on the left or a cool blue like me on the right...and the rows underneath show the colours that will compliment your eye colour and the colours that will bring contrast and make your eyes stand out!! very helpful!!

brown eyes!

green eyes

hazel eyes

different brushes and why you need them

more brushes

shopping list of stuff :)

how not to have your eyebrows and why

the perfect eyebrow!!

different looks......actually it was interesting that she said in her talk that 1 in every 3 women in Australia are from either Asian or Indian she has tried to include 1 in every 3 women in her book to be of another nationality!! i thought that was pretty cool :)

she has good everyday looks and also a few bold looks, but she teaches you how to do them for yourself!

Ruby Rose

on another note, when you first walk into the convention centre in Sydney you are given a bag to put all your stuff in, i thought these bags were pretty big, but man you really start to fill them!!

different magazines and information leaflets

this book is about one of the makeup academy's im looking into

pretty cool

GROSS......i think special effects is amazing, but dont think i have the stomach for it :)

different face sharts from MAC

more leaflets.....

and the Emmy Award winning makeup team for The Pacific

this was all i purchased apart from the book....this is a makeup brand called Naked....and its amazing...these loose dust eyeshadows are really pigmented so you only need a tiny little bit!!


gorgeous colours!

this was just using a cotton bud and dipping a small amount onto my spreads so easily!!


i had a great time and learnt lots!!!

would recommend anyone to go next time!!

Love HollieD

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