Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blue Eyeshadow :)

Blue Eyeshadow....many ladies would quiver when they even think about attempting to apply the dreaded blue on their eyes!!! but im here to show you how you can actually make it work!!

sorry all the photos are of me, i wore it to work yday so i took some photos before i washed it all off....its also harder to show it on me cause i have such deep set eyes so you can only really see it when i look down....so yes, most of the photos im looking down :) lol

here im wearing a combination of 2 blue eyeshadows and a very light white golden colour in the inner part just to open up my deep set eyes a bit!!

firstly a few tips....if you're thinking of taking the plunge (go for it!!!!!)

1.Pair the blue with a neutral color such as brown, tan, or even gray- the neutral will offset the brightness of the blue

(your prob cant tell in the picture but i have blended the edges of the blue eyeshadow with a very soft grey)

2.Use blue in moderation- keep it to just the lid, under the lower lashline, or as an accent in the outer V

3.Choose your blues wisely. If you feel the color is too bright, go for a deeper blue to replace your everyday brown or black.

(i have used a dark blue...as apposed to a fluro blue!!) :)

4.If you use a brighter blue, use a matte finish as the frosty or glittery finish makes the blue almost too much to handle

5.Blues look good on everyone, but are especially good for brown eyed girls as it makes the brown eyes pop!

BUT....i have blue eyes and even us blue eyed girls can pull of blue eyeshadow!!!

NOW...the next couple of photos i have taken in full light rather than a dark room so you can see my skin a bit better....because i have trialed the Armani luminous silk foundation....and i LOVE it....im using it in a 4.5 shade and seriously its so beautiful!!

it feels like silk when you apply it and a little bit goes a loooooong way!!

see how my skin looks like its glowing....it really gives a radiance to the skin

all i have on is a mouisturiser that i put on at about 6:30am (this photo was taken at about 8:30pm that night)....and the Armani foundation on top with a little bit of blush....i havnt mixed the foundation with anything....and i havnt put any powders on top so i can show you how nice it really is!!

now i understand why i have sold it to Jodi Gordan and Kate Ritchie :)
even the 'stars' are using it!!

now my ladies....go and try some blue eyeshadow....and dont be scared when you first put it on....yes you will loook like you have been punched in the eye....but perservere!!! blending is key!! plus out on some eyeliner and mascara and it makes a HUGE difference!!

Love Always
your blue bird

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