Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hair trends for 2010

 Prob bit late doing this....but wanted to look at some of the trends with hair for even though its the 9th month of are some of the popular hairstyles/trends for this year so far!!

1. The Bob

a bob doesnt just mean straight and one can have lots of layers and can look gorgeous curly/wavy too!


2. Long and Wavy …

LOVE her hair here!!

hair extensions can help with this look!!!

3. Classy Ponytails …

this look is popular with a small 'quiff' on top!

or a bit more height on top!!

4. Straight.....

5. Over the Top and Messy Updos …

6. Colour

there you have some popular looks you may have seen this year so far........and also bold colours like red have made a huge comeback!!

hope you enjoyed this post :)

Love HollieD

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