Monday, April 11, 2011


Pop Romance Collection is here......

as you can see in a few of my previous posts...1) I love lipsticks....and 2) I particularly like Lime Crime lipsticks!!

One of their new lipsticks I LOVE, is Coquette!!

Its a nude colour that is more on the pink/nude side, rather than beige/nude...something i have been after for a loooooong time!!


as you can see in the photo above, the colour it looks in the tube, is exactly how it looks on the lips!! Don't you love that in a lipstick!!

so many lipsticks out there on the market can look like one thing in the tube and a totally different thing on the lips!! Sure some of that has to do with the natural colour in your lips....but a lot of that also has to do with a lack of colour payoff!

Its such a pretty colour....its long lasting but still feels soft on the lips!
another thing i LOVE about this colour is the way it sits on your lip line! I havn't used a lip pencil at all with this lipstick but i love how the colour sits right on my lipline so it appears like i have used a pencil to get a perfect line, it also makes your lips look larger! If you did want to team it with a liner though, one i would recommend is 'Subculture' by M.A.C

 the following photo was taken on my Iphone and isnt very clear, but i thought i would add it anyway!

This sort of colour looks fantastic teamed with a smokey eye, but would also look great with just simple eye makeup for a no fuss look!!

Im a major fan of Coquette!!

Love always


  1. hey when i was looking up on lime crime coquette lipstick on google images i found your blog! wow love the colour on you!♥ im totally getting coquette when im ordering lipsticks from em!

  2. Hey Anna....glad you stumbled upon my blog :) yeah im really happy with Coquette and i reckon you would be too!! its a gorgeous colour xx