Monday, November 29, 2010

Bravery and Colour :)

why am i beaing brave??

cause im going to do a 'before' shot....and an 'after' shot


and that means a yucky photo!!! LOL

so here is a before makeup the makeup, my hair flat and 'not done'.....looking very pale and quite sickly (no im not just naturally quite pale)


im adding a before photo, so you can see what a difference makeup makes!!!!
it can open up your eyes, even out skin tone...add warmth to your skin and a million other things!!


what a huge difference hey?!?!

anyways....that photo is from a previous post....this post is about showing you the other colours from Lime Crime

so i shall start with COSMOPOP
(pale orange)

i actually quite like this one, but i do think it looks better in photos than in real the colour though!!

Next is D'Lilac....this is so fluro!!!

this one i actually think i prefer face to face...the colour is a little odd on camera :)

here im holding the you can see that what you see in the tube is what you will get on your lips...pretty cool!!

here i had kissed a tissue to tone it down a bit, plus the sun light has washed it out!!

its still quite bright though....quite pretty!! i like it with smokey eyes!! of my fav's (as you know i LOVE pink lipstick)

this one is from my original purchase that i have posted about before...its called Great Pink Planet and is a baby pink (very dont need a lot)


so far from all the lipsticks i have purchased from Lime Crime, my favourites would be
1. Great Pink Planet
2. Centrifuchsia (in the very top photo-fuchsia colour)
3.Airbourne Unicorn (not in this post but its a purple)
and probably also Cosmopop

it's not that i dont like the others cause i love them's just that i would wear these ones a bit more!!

Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos!!
just so you know....these were all taken in the same day...same smokey eye, the only thing that has changed in the photos is the lipstick and the blush (for cosmopop i had a coral/bronze colour blush....and for the others i had a pinky coloured blush)

Love always
Lime Crime #1 fan


  1. The orange one is AMAZING!! Love love love it x

  2. Actually, the orange one would suit you heaps with your hair colour and skin tone!! xx

  3. I'm im love with these lipsticks, I want all the collection :)

    Dear, you are pretty, I like your photos!

    I've taken some photos with my Centrifuchsia, if you can see, this is the link:

    Nice to meet you!

  4. Gosh thank you Fernanda :) i havn't been on my blog for over a month...but back into it now, just want to thank you for your comment, i will go have a look at your pics xx