Friday, November 26, 2010

update.... Mad Men.....i still like the show but it is starting to really bug me....

im just a LITTLE over Mr.Don Draper's cheating ways!!!! how many times can 1 man cheat on his wife??? my gosh!!!

yes i still love the fashion, and the characters and the setting....seeings its set in the 60's.....but im so over all the cheating!!!

just thought i would put that out there :)

on another note....i have to go to the post office later 2day to pick up a package from Lime Crime....i ordered 3 more lipsticks from them over a week ago and it looks like they have i will add photos etc when i recieve them!! something to look forward to!!

also just in case anyone has been looking at their site and thinking about purchasing something....well....they have a 4 day sale (cause its Black Friday) starts midnight 2nite...but US time im will prob be able to purchase 2mrw (cause they are behind yeah???) anyways the code is;


and it entitles you to 40% off anything you purchase!!
pretty cool!!

so just a tip...and it goes for 4 days! i have purchased twice now and it is packaged beautifully and arrives pretty quick considering i buy from the US site and it has to come all the way to Australia!!

anyways hope you're having a great Black Friday

2day its quite hot here in Sydney....i feel like going to the beach!!!

Lots of Love

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