Monday, November 22, 2010

Mad Men

so here is a tv show i've recently been introduced to (im watching it on dvd)
it took me a few episodes to get into first i thought it was a little dark and boring...and i hated how a lot of men cheated on their wives...seriously it felt like no one respected the institution of marriage!!!

but then i fell in love with the show...i Love the really start to feel their pain and their joy...I LOVE THE FASHION....gosh i really am into things from the 50's/ 60's....

its a drama, and you would want to watch it when you have time to that you can really pay attention....
there are parts i dont particularly like...but overall i like watching things from years gone by (well set in history...but its made now)

here is some of the main characters...the 2 in the middle are like the main couple...Don and Betty Draper...

the men from the office, they work in advertising

seriously i wish we had more fashion from that era...i would so wear this dress!!!!

gorgeous cover on Rolling Stone magazine...

2 of my all time favourite characters....Don Draper and also Joan (Christina Hendricks...who you would prob notice from previous posts...she was one of my red hair inspiration)

love the 60's

what a gorgeous couple they make!!

the gorgeous Joan who i think is one of the most beautiful women on the planet!!

i want that dress!!!

i also want that green dress!!!

dont think that guy is meant to be in the background :) lol...this must be a pic off set...cause he looks dressed for this era :)

its amazing how the women are treated in this series and it goes to show how far this world has come as far as equality and womens rights!!!! gosh there was so much sexual discrimination back then towards women!! they were seen as pieces of meat sometimes (i know there are still elements of that these days...but nothing like what is portrayed on the show)

they also smoke so much (i did find out that they arn't real ciggarettes in the show...there is no nicotine in them because they have to smoke so much on set that wouldve been so bad for the actors health) but in the show they smoke in bed, at dinner, in the work office etc etc...its really funny to look back on!!

the wonderful cast...they have won so many awards in America!!

Betty...whose name in real life is January Jones (cool name hey)

this woman can never put a foot wrong!!

more awards!!

now to my 3 favourite characters....firstly Don Draper
of course any women on the planet would have to admit he is a highly attractive man :)
plus a very intriguing man....

he makes the work place very interesting....

now his beautiful wife Betty Draper
she is such an interesting character, so dark and sad yet so sweet and perfect...
just wish her husband was faithful :(

and lastly of course...the wonderful Joan.....she makes this show...her character is amazing...strong and bold, fiery yet sweet!! Love her....

i even channeled her a bit at a recent wedding we attended :)
red hair and purple dress :)
maybe i can be a modern day Joan :) lol

so yes, im enjoying the show and am currently watching season hoping it just gets better and better

go and watch Mad Men :)

Love HollieD


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